Review: MLB The Show 17 (PS4).

Spotlights, full audience, every play celebrated and menacing eyesight. Finally, throw, hit and home run! The stands are going wild, the players are happy and the show is in full swing. A show that most of us know only from family movies. Can a common eater of pork chops with salad feel this atmosphere? Our review MLB The Show 17.

MLB The Show 17 surprises with the richness of gameplay modes. Starting my adventure, I decided to check out the career of a single player called Road to the Show. When creating the player, I chose one of the proposed models, because dozens of sliders in the wizard rejected me from the idea of ​​modeling my face and setting the angle of the nose, the shape of the auricle or the number of furrows on my forehead. I started my adventure from the preparation camp, where I was tested in every position in training games. Properly scored reactions and actions created the profile of my baseball player and put him on the list of this year’s draft. Chosen by Miami Marlins, I was getting ready for great things, and here’s a surprise … I joined the MiLB (Minor League Baseball) team with the fantastic name of Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp. It is important to know that individual MiLB clubs belong to the teams of the highest league and it is here that young players gain experience. Only appropriate results achieved in the lower league give a chance to debut and conquer the coveted Major League Baseball.

Review: MLB The Show 17 (PS4)

Career is not much different from similar modes in soccer games or series NBA 2K. We play, spend skill points and collect marks for every play and every decision. After more important events or spectacular performances, we hear a narrator who talks about the next steps in his career. In addition, conversations with managers, media and coaches that shape the character of the protagonist, as well as sponsorship agreements and better and better contracts. A big plus for simulating less important parts of the match and jumping to changes (innings) in which our avatar takes part.

The most important mode MLB The Show 17 however, it’s Diamond Dynasty, based on the principle of the wildly popular FIFA Ultimate Team. We form our own team, collecting cards from over two thousand players who have delighted viewers with their games over 80 years. Of course, nothing prevents the stars of the 1930s from playing alongside the idolatrous crowds of recent seasons. The players are divided into several categories, with diamond cards being the greatest treasure because they represent players with the best skills. Dynasty includes several game modes for both single and multiplayer.

Review: MLB The Show 17 (PS4)

Conquest, in turn, is a kind of board game. We jump on a map of the United States divided into hundreds of small fields and our task is to get as many fans as possible, and each million fans is one field conquered. We steal fans from other teams by playing matches with them, and the higher the difficulty level, the greater the reward in the event of a victory. In addition, online and offline seasons, a local game, a number of missions and challenges and fancy Battle Royale – all scored and reflected in the development of our team. Phenomenal fun and a tasty morsel for literally everyone.

You’re probably wondering how the controls have been resolved in a game that is fairly static and only gathering pace in fragments. The answer is: great! For batterers, the creators have provided three different ways of arranging the buttons – from the simple assignment of the types of strokes to the geometric signs to the precise and extremely difficult operation of the analog stick. We choose the strength, direction and type of bounce, and then it remains to hit the incoming ball. When playing a pitcher, we have as many as five types of throws, and in addition, we can twist each ball and, of course, throw with different strength. I was incredibly surprised by the intuitiveness and many variants of the basic moves, which in fact are much more complicated than the neighborhood “you throw it on the stick, only hard, and you hit the whole pet”.

Review: MLB The Show 17 (PS4)

The offensive game was also very well thought out. With the help of simple commands with the left knob, we decide whether the players should try to get another base or keep an eye on the already scored base. Similarly, while playing defensively, we can position ourselves under the falling ball and throw towards any chosen base, because those on the minimap have been marked with individual geometric buttons (their arrangement is also diamond-shaped). A simple and transparent system that we have in one finger after two or three matches.

In movies and screenshots MLB The Show 17 looks impressive. It looks just as impressive in real life. The presentation of the stadiums, including all the arenas of MLB teams, several MiLB seats and a few tiny facilities, resembles a television broadcast, showing the greatest stars, local mascots and fan games. The presentation does not impress with its quality, but the appearance of the players themselves (not counting the strange hair) is of the highest quality. The costumes are very detailed, but it’s the amount of animation that makes an electrifying impression. Pitchers and beaters take dozens of different poses and react very realistically to events in the diamond. The same goes for the base and the outfitters, whose every move is watched with delight. The only series he can match MLB The Show 17 in that regard, it is NBA 2K.

Review: MLB The Show 17 (PS4)

MLB The Show 17 there is no competition on the market that would force new innovations and improvements, and yet each subsequent release is tons of new content and the grinding of this already shiny diamond. The long and often boring baseball matches have been presented in an extremely exciting and spectacular way. Definitely the best installment in the series, and one of the best sports games ever.