Review: Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV (PS4 / VR).

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV was supposed to be a VR adventure in the world of the last Fajnal, so the creators took the most important element of this game, then put it away and created … a fishing simulator.

Monster of the Deep it’s a very specific position. While Bethesda Softworks transferred all of Skyrim to the needs of virtual reality, and with Doom made a simplified running around the world (but still leaving the essence of the game, that is, brutal killing of demons), here we are dealing with … a simple fishing simulator. And a dating game for those who like boys, with little jumps to the side to look at the . At least this is how I look at the game – a person who knows the series Final Fantasy at random and never had a special affection for her.

Our hero is a wandering fanatic… it doesn’t matter who our character is. This is a complete random created in an unnecessarily extensive wizard, which we only see when we use the bizarre option of taking a selfi (and then the photo is decorated with a still, dead face and bizarrely twisted hands). Either way, we are a special fisherman who not only catches fish, but also hunts water demons. And before I get into the gameplay, I have to relate to the “plot” because it’s definitely something special.

Review: Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV (PS4 / VR)

There is no history as such here, we just have to overcome seven missions to catch a few fish and fight the boss. Instead of stories, we have a catch here in the company of Noctis and his team. We get to know the boys one by one and I got the impression that everyone wanted me out on a date. They are disturbingly nice, they praise us constantly, and in general I felt like the heroine of an undervalued teenager’s dream. Added to this is Cindy, who is repairing our car, who only serves to squeeze her breasts into our face or “accidentally” unbutton her – several times, always under the same pretext. Neither one of these characters has absolutely any influence on the events, serving only to smile at the player and applaud his silence.

There was a reason I started with the hero and the characters I meet, because that’s what the game stands for – the interaction with the world Final Fantasy XV. Fishing itself is simple – we cast the rod in one of the designated places and wait for something to catch. Then we spin the reel, sometimes pulling left or right when the appropriate icon pops up. As for fighting demons, instead of a fishing rod, we get an automatic crossbow and try to hit the water monster, catching it at the end like a regular fish. In fact, the only difference is the different behavior of individual bosses, because the catch looks almost identical each time. On the other hand – what to expect from fishing?

Review: Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV (PS4 / VR)

But what am I talking about demons when I can barely bleed out of the water. Unfortunately, although the catching process is not difficult, casting the rod is also extremely problematic. Regardless of whether we use PS Move or z motion controllers DualShock 4, almost always the lure lands right in front of us or tens of kilometers away, out of sight. On Move, I learned to throw a little better by swinging my sideways, but it was a pain every time. Regardless of the type of rod, reel or line type (I tried everything in despair), for me hitting the target each time required several, and often even several attempts. Looking at the web, I wasn’t the only one who struggled with it.

The graphic artist stands in opposition. We have really beautiful views here, even when we look closely at fragments of the environment or character models. Everything runs smoothly, although fishing trips do not last long and we have to watch loading screens quite often. You can ditch the fishing rod during loading screens, but let’s be honest – waiting with VR headsets on your head is terribly long. The soundtrack is also not bad and it is even possible to include songs from the soundtrack of “fifteen” at any time. And it boasts. But again – this is more of an attraction for fans of the original than the standalone advantage of the game.

Review: Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV (PS4 / VR)

Monster of the Deep this is the king PlayStation VRas zebra is the king of the jungle – meaning none. It’s just a weird fan service production. In addition to not very successful fishing, a few creatures from around the world were thrown in Final Fantasy and Noctis’ crew, whose life goal is to make friends with us, and in the meantime we’re attacking Cindy in the face to mask the fact that the boys are a bit too “nice” to us. It’s nice to take a close look at Chocobos or one of the famous heroes FF XV, especially with such a good graphic design, but remember that this, not the gameplay, is the main course here.

The game was reviewed on PS4 Pro

Review: Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV (PS4 / VR)

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