Review: Musynx (PS4).

Musynx leaps from mobile platforms and makes its debut on consoles. If you do not get discouraged by the Vocaloid singing in Chinese, you can count on quite a nice rhythm game that will last for many hours of musical fun.

Musynx does not in any way try to develop or diversify classic music games. If you are familiar with rhythmic productions and you know how the fun in Deemo, SuperBeat Xonic, series DJ Max or even Guitar Hero, you will feel right at home right away – simple gameplay, where you are only, music and a dense wave of notes that you need to “tap” out. The idea is extremely simple, but also incredibly addictive and has been invariably entertaining for many years.

Review: Musynx (PS4)

The fundamental problem with Musynx I only have one in all. The game is too similar to the competition and does not stand out from the competition at all, and at the same time it is terribly poor and stands out in terms of available options or content. We can only choose two modes of difficulty and control, divided into four or six buttons. We do not get the option to adjust the delay (fortunately I did not feel it), and from the personalization of the game, we can only change the speed of the song.

Forget about any modes, additional options or wider adaptation of the challenge to our skills. The number of songs is about fifty pieces representing various genres. There is a lot of songs sung by vocaloids, sweet pop songs and a lot of electronic music or even chiptune in 8-bit climates. I would be lying if I said that I liked the track, although a few songs hit me. For example, I am terribly pleased that there is a place for the Canon of Pachelbel

Review: Musynx (PS4)

Addictive gameplay can keep you on the console for longer, and breaking your own records is as fun as in the best representatives of the genre. The whole thing, however, in terms of overall presentation and performance, resembles a fan-like project inspired by full-fledged productions. No visuals have been prepared for the music, instead we have several styles of appearance that have been tried to match the mood of the song.

I am pleased with the balance of difficulties. IN Musynx we will find both banal and simple pieces that can be dealt with by total amateurs, as well as those that test the heights of our sense of rhythm. People starting their adventure with the genre can start with an extremely low entry threshold, and then gradually increase the scale of the challenge. We are not immediately overwhelmed by the level of difficulty and we can easily implement the gameplay scheme.

Review: Musynx (PS4)

Musynx it lacks the proverbial soul and its own identity. The whole thing quickly reveals its mobile pedigree. There is no shortage of more extensive representatives of the genre on the console, which is better to reach. We are still dealing with a good music game, but consciously hitting the maximum niche. For example, because of the choice of music and appearance.

If you’ve been busting all the other rhythmic positions on the market and are just looking for another excuse to set your musical scores, then Musynx worth a try. It is difficult for me to recommend this title to someone from outside the group of the greatest fans of the genre. Although the creators did not make any criminal mistakes in the production and every element of the game was done correctly, the budget and minimalism beats all aspects of this position. Fans shouldn’t complain, but over-enchanted won’t and rather quickly get back to their other favorite games.

Review: Musynx (PS4)

The code for review was provided by the game publisher.