Review: NBA 2K17 (PS4).

All NBA fans know that this year the lineups of the teams are even on their heads. The changes compared to recent years, especially those concerning the most recognizable names, are huge and Jordan knows how this season will end. Therefore, I was looking forward to checking Durant in GSW or Wade in the colors of Bulls – it’s a pity that NBA 2K17 (PS4) is actually “only” an update of the squads.

And only until. It is known that what will be visible on the league courts absolutely changes the distribution of forces and tactical assumptions of each team. And basketball is essentially a combination game. At the outset, I can say that it is even harder than last year. From the very first minutes of the game you can feel that it is much easier to lose the ball. Interceptions, losses, dribbling errors – the game forgives nothing. More complicated actions are much harder to play, pick & roll doesn’t guarantee easy points anymore. The defensive game has also changed – an unsuccessful attempt to block more often ends with a foul – but when he fails, it’s “ino roz”. The satisfaction from a successful block, from a spectacular dunk or a humiliating ankle-breaker opponent is even greater than in previous years – because it requires hours of practice. However, let’s face it – the above-mentioned changes will only be noticed by people who eat their teeth every year during subsequent editions of this production.

Review: NBA 2K17 (PS4)

Graphically – I would say it was as good as a year ago. The question of change is something else. The game, yes it is possible, comes even closer to broadcasting a real NBA match. Lots of new animations have been added, and crap things like fully animated Harlem Globetrotters appearances during halftime. Supposedly nothing, but it makes a huge difference! However, what is in my opinion the best change in years is the interface. Although graphically similar to what we’ve seen from several editions back, it works up to two times faster. After all, charging does not take a decade, topping up your account with virtual currency also happens almost immediately. Welcome to 2016, thanks to 2K!

Careers have also changed – also to the advantage. An interesting option is to participate in the academic league from the position of a total cossack. You know – after a draft, we get and are brought to the ground floor, but the introduction to the career is just fine. In addition, when creating a player, we can use the application on the phone to scan your face and create an individual in your image. Maybe otherwise – good luck, I gave up on about 20 attempts to import photos. Well, it just couldn’t be done, but maybe I just have a non-photogenic face. Another change in choosing the position on the pitch and the metric of our avatar. Previously, there was full freedom, now we choose from ready-made “sizes”. In my opinion, it’s great – we can immediately see a comparison of the height, weight, shoulder width of the largest stars playing in a given position and how the change of individual parameters will affect our statistics. Very helpful! Unfortunately, in order for our player to become a valuable element of the team, we must either reach into the mix and spend some money on a virtual currency (skills cost FORTUNA) or have a hell of a lot of time and patience – to use in the mobile application, build a team from players’ cards and earn money during the season. I will never accept these practices.

Review: NBA 2K17 (PS4)

In Poland, the game is advertised by the song “Sie Gra, Sie Ma” performed by Dwa Sławy x Kuban x Mielzky. I am mentioning him next.

Another fact is the support of the creators and publisher. NBA 2K16 (PS4) has already shown you how to do this. Every now and then new episodes of NBA 2K TV (Rachel Demita Adams! #Heart) are released, where we can find tips from the creators, interesting information from behind the scenes or conversations with NBA stars. Well, 2K attempted an e-sports tournament, thanks to which a few lucky ones smiled at a quite large pile of green banknotes. The whole story is reported stage by stage – THIS IS DONE. Just. I assume it will be at least not worse this year.

Review: NBA 2K17 (PS4)

There is nothing to hide. The changes I mentioned are not colossal, but a lot of small improvements and flavors just create such productions. Animations, the atmosphere so close to a real sports report, great graphics – smoothness and no technical problems. This is what the best sports game on the market looks like – that’s it. As it was beautifully stated in the song promoting NBA 2K17 (PS4) in Poland – “murder, no cynygejm”.