Nightmares From The Deep 2: The Siren’s Call made the romance Artifex Mundi with PlayStation 4 has come full circle. We jumped over pirate, steampunk, sci-fi and fantasy climates to return to the dark legends of the seas and oceans again. We’re checking Siren’s Song.

After dealing with the confusing story of Captain Remington, Sarah Black has become a world-renowned curator. The pirate ship exhibited in her museum is very popular, attracting the attention of various strange people. One day, at the urging of a mysterious courier, Sarah goes to the small island of Kingsmouth. The problem is that the island is plagued by the Davy Jones curse that turns humans into humanoid fish.

We are dealing here with a game of the HOPA genre and it has become commonplace that in such productions the plot is only an excuse to give the player more puzzles. Nightmares From The Deep 2 contradicts this thesis because following Sarah’s new adventure is pure pleasure. Mrs. Black sets out to rescue mermaid Calliope, kidnapped by Mayor Murray, who has power over a mythical sea creature – Kraken. We will not experience great sea battles here and Jack Sparrow, but if you like adventure cinema in the style of Pirates of the Caribbean, you should like the story management.

Game Siren’s Call it does not leave the HOPA genre, which does not mean that it is boring and secondary. To push the story forward or open a passage to a new location, you need to acquire a specific item. The item in question, which acts as a key, is a reward for completing a few puzzles in a given area. These are all kinds of puzzles, mosaics and simple logic tasks, with veterans of previous games from the studio will find variations on puzzles from earlier productions, and even one twin similar room. Still, great applause to the creators, as they have done a lot to ensure diversity. The difficulty level is not too high here and the vast majority of puzzles focus on logical thinking instead of forcing everyone to use everything. If we need a lock of straight hair and we found a wig with curls and we have a comb somewhere in our inventory, I guess everyone knows what we should do at this point, right?

Of course in the game from Artifex Mundi the sequence with hidden objects could not be missing. There are definitely fewer of them than in the first installment Nightmares from the Deepwhich confirms that the creators had a lot of ideas for the logical challenges mentioned above. As a reminder, these sequences consist of finding a few indicated items on a screen filled with junk. A seemingly trivial task can take a long time, when among several dozen things of various sizes one has to find a small pearl.

Places where hidden objects are combined with puzzles turned out to be a great idea. In the designated area, we find several items that we use to get to the next things. For example, we use a wallpaper knife found in a drawer to cut open the package, and there we find an extension cord to connect a microwave, in which we heat an ice cube with a frozen radio handle. I probably mixed up the order, but you get the idea. I really regret that there are very few puzzles of this type, because they are much more entertaining than simply searching through a pile of junk.

I guess I don’t need to say that Song of the Siren looks beautiful. Team Artifex Mundi it has accustomed us to insanely looking locations with wonderfully contrasting bright colors. There is nowhere you wouldn’t want to spend a moment simply enjoying the views. I also noticed that the resolution of cutscenes is higher and does not hurt the eyes with pixels stretched to the limit.

Nightmares From The Deep 2: The Siren’s Call delighted me. Only a month ago I praised it Grim Legends, not realizing that a return to sea legends will be even better. I don’t have to convince fans of the genre, and let the rest be encouraged by easy and fast platinum. It’s worth it.