51 Worldwide Games offers a nice collection of games, but is lacking for lack of reason.

the Summary of the 51 World Games checkmate? Board game fan Bert is the perfect pawn for this.

You probably know this one box. You know, the slightly discolored one with torn corners, that is in a dusty room with your grandparents. There are no porcelain shepherd figures or wedding photos of Grandnun Alfons and Great Aunt Odette in this box. No, the box contains games: a game of chess, a checkerboard and a backgammon. These are all games that I enjoyed for hours as a young owner, but gradually lost their shine to me. You wonder if the 51 World Games digital game box on the Nintendo Switch will rekindle that old flame.

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As the name suggests, 51 Worldwide Games offers board games from all over the world. The collection therefore not only offers old acquaintances like dominoes and four in a row, but also contains a multitude of games less known in our region, like shogi, hanafuda and mankala. In addition, there are many card games available such as blackjack, poker and solitaire. The collection is completed with a colorful collection of coffee games (billiards, darts), action games (air hockey, tank duels) and the return of the inevitable bowling. 51 Worldwide Games is by no means just a collection of dusty board games. It is also the biggest success of this bundle.

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The presentation of 51 World Games is very simple. When you select a game, you will see a minimalist video on how to play it. Then you go through the rules, which are also described very clearly and in detail, and immediately immerse yourself in a game. You can’t turn off the intro videos, so you have to ignore them every time you start a game. . This also applies to music during your games. Sometimes it’s boring five-second curls that you’d rather lose than be rich. Because you can’t turn it off separately, you have to turn off the volume every time you play a game. They seem like details, but they get really annoying over time.

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The major problem of the 51st World Games quickly becomes clear: who is this pack really for? Do not mistake yourself; the game offers a diverse range of games and has something for everyone. However, I don’t immediately know in what situation you would reach the match. Since these are board games, playing against the computer is quite boring and boring. Even if you have friends there, in the meantime there are so many modern board games available that are more interesting than the tormented classics like Mens Erger Je Niet! Playing with the elderly doesn’t offer any relief either: my card-loving grandfather is too scared of technology to touch my Switch. 51 The World Games therefore lack above all a reason to exist.

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51 Worldwide Games is a strange animal. The game itself offers a nice collection of games in a tight jacket. Due to the clearly explained rules, you jump into well-known and lesser-known games very quickly. However, the lack of some institutions throws a key in the works, but it is mainly due to the lack of reason to exist that 51 World Games are going badly. There are plenty of other great multiplayer games out there, and if you want to play a board game, then nothing is better. feel a real game board, real pawns and a good old game table reversal.

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For this review of the 51 World Games, Bert played on a Nintendo Switch.

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Source: IGN