Review: Oh My Godheads (PS4).

Oh My Godheads is a fresh title that focuses on having fun together on one console. Will the solutions that the creators found attractive also the players?

Spanish studio Titutitech designed its game using mechanisms known to us from other multiplayer titles. IN Oh My Godheads however, they have been properly seasoned, mixed and served in a new, tasty form. What? Let me explain. There are four different game modes and a set of time trials available in the game. The first of the modes – Capture the Head – is a variation on a theme (known e.g. from Team Fortress 2) capture the flag. Here, instead of flags, we wear the heads of deities derived from various mythologies. Next to the Greek Zeus and the Egyptian Bastet, we come across more exotic names: Japanese Namazu, Hindu Kali or Celtic Badb. Before starting the game, we have the option to choose the head of a deity, but you must bear in mind that each of them has a specific effect. The head of Zeus held by the player strikes with lightning after some time, and Bast can mess up a lot, turning the carrier’s directions. King of the Head also bases the game on lifting heads, but in this case we do not have to carry them to a specific place, but only hold them for a certain time until we fully load the wheel in the color of our character or team at the top of the screen (if we decide to 2 vs 2 game).

The next two modes are more classic, and their main assumptions are based on the elimination of opponents. In Headhunters, we win when we get a certain number of kills first, while in Last Man Standing, the last survivor gets a point, and the first person to collect their target amount is the winner. Regardless of the selected mode, we can adjust the rules of the game to our own needs. We can define a time limit and the number of rounds, enable or disable friendly fire, set the level of difficulty of computer opponents, and decide which special (disposable) items will appear on the board and how often they will be renewed.

Review: Oh My Godheads (PS4)

Time Trials is a single player option only. Their placement in Oh My Godheads was a hit. If we get bored or tired of confrontations with computer rivals (especially the moments when they are left alone and chasing each other over the map), we can try our hand at the prepared challenges, get better medals, beat previously set records, and practice certain games and use them later in the actual game. The problem is that the method to unlock the second set of trials was nowhere given, which at some point made me bloody. Most likely, you need to get 10 gold medals to unlock it, I didn’t even notice when it became available to me.

Maps are another important element of the game. They differ not only in their location, but also in the difficulty level. Some of them have their own internal rules that diversify but also make the game difficult. Each map has symbols of crossed sabers. The more symbols, the more complicated the game can be expected. Some maps are locked at the beginning of the game and are only unlocked after completing specific tasks (e.g. earning 20 gold medals in trials).

Review: Oh My Godheads (PS4)

The simplicity of the title is definitely a plus. Learning the rules of the selected mode is extremely fast and does not require passing new players through a series of tutorials. The assumptions of the game can be described in a few words, and the controls are so intuitive that everyone should learn it after the first two or three trial rounds. We won’t find any complicated combinations here, the knowledge of which will give us a significant advantage over our teammates. It’s all about feeling, reflexes and the ability to avoid attacks.

By creating a visual setting Oh My Godheads, developers did not try to be realistic. On the contrary, they opted for colorful, geometric models of characters and simplified but designed maps in an interesting way. The energetic audio track perfectly completes the whole and fits into the light atmosphere of the production. All this gives the game a unique character and creates the image of a cheerful production accessible to all age groups.

Review: Oh My Godheads (PS4)

The developers emphasize that Oh My Godheads was born out of love for old school multiplayer games such as Micro Machines, Worms whether Street Fighter. My guess is that their goal was to create a production where you could just as well spend time with your friends. It seems to me that this goal can be considered achieved as the game is fun and offers fresh, interesting solutions. It is a title that will surely enliven a few meetings and will be an attraction at many events. After all, nothing warms the atmosphere up like competition!

The game for review was provided by Kartridge PR on behalf of the developer

Review: Oh My Godheads (PS4)