Review: Patapon (PS4).

Patapon returns after nearly 10 years – this time in a refreshed stationary edition under the title Patapon Remastered. Unfortunately, this is not a return to glory.

Original Patapons is one of the games that in my opinion defined the Sony portable console – PlayStation Portable. An extremely successful idea and pleasant execution resulted in an extremely unconventional title, which after 10 years has not aged in terms of mechanics and graphics. But let’s start from the beginning.

Patapon Remastered is in terms of content and system exactly the same game that PSP owners played a decade ago. We play the role of the Almighty – a deity who is to lead a tribe of warlike Patapons and restore their glory. We do this by using drums. With their help, we tap certain rhythms and give orders to our units. We use these types of commands to move the charges, defend and, of course, attack. If we manage to keep the rhythm longer, we activate the Fever mode – it increases the combat potential of our units and allows you to activate miracles such as summoning rain. An extremely simple and rewarding idea that resulted in a very original mix of strategy and rhythmic play. During the adventure, we also have to collect the necessary resources. With their help, we create new units and equipment for our pupils. All this translates into a transparent and uncomplicated RPG system that allows you to develop our army.

Review: Patapon (PS4)

There were no changes to the gameplay as they were not needed either. The core of the game hasn’t aged a bit and still has fun. Or otherwise – he would have been able, had it not been for a certain glitch. Patapon Remasterd is suffering from the same problem as the refreshed PaRappa. The production has nightmarish input lag. The delay in the controls not only kills the fun of the rhythmic aspect of the game, but also makes it difficult to pass the title. I must admit that I did not manage to get to the end of the adventure. While I had no problem with executing the normal commands, holding the Fever bar was extremely problematic for me and irritated me. Without it, some stages seemed almost impossible to complete and I eventually lost my patience. I deliberately took the PSP out of the rack to compare the scale of the problem, and on the portable console I felt absolutely no inconvenience. The game requires an immediate update to fix this problem. However, I have no idea whether it will see the light of day at all.

It’s a shame it happened. Patapons is a truly magical and original production that deserves a comeback. Especially in times when minimalism and indie games are in fashion. Even today, it is in vain to look for a similar game, combining some interesting ideas in such a neat way. The graphics are faithful to the original, but have been prepared from scratch for Full HD resolution. So we won’t experience any jagged edges or ugly elements, although the first cutscene works in terrible quality. The game looks very nice and it’s hard to fault it. The simple style is its best element, thanks to which the production has not aged at all and keeps it pleasing to the eye. The sound has also been improved and the sound is definitely cleaner. That’s basically all the changes.

Review: Patapon (PS4)

Patapon Remastered is still an interesting genre variation offering fun for several hours of play. Even a portable pedigree does not bother here. Carrying out subsequent missions is perfect for both long and short sessions. Again though – the rhythmic core is just kicked. The longer we play, the more often steering lag becomes apparent. The whole idea behind the game then stops working. Patapons it’s a really great game, but unfortunately not in a refreshed version. Until Sony releases an update, I can’t recommend this game to anyone – not even die-hard fans.