Review: Pixel Junk Shooter Ultimate (PS4 / PS Vita).

Double Eleven decided to put together two games from Q-Games studio and release them as PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (PS4) for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Can such a procedure be considered a cash withdrawal? If it was a regular compilation, it would be true, but this time we got much more.

If any of you have played PixelJunk Shooter, then you know how the mechanics in the Ultimate version work – we control a small ship whose task is to save men trapped during an unsuccessful research operation and go through subsequent stages, while solving simple logical puzzles. If someone expects action, explosions and helicopters against the background of American flags, it’s probably time to look for another shooter, because PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (PS4) It is mainly about the exploration of unusual locations, which are divided into several categories. Needless to say, the PS4 version gets beautifully drawn spots in 1080p, while the portable version has been adapted to the lower PS Vity resolution. In both cases there is something to look at and fans of flat graphics should be pleased, even if you take into account the simple mechanics of this production.

Review: Pixel Junk Shooter Ultimate (PS4 / PS Vita)

What distinguishes PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (PS4) from other indie shootings of this type, there is a temperature indicator that is of great importance for the skin of our ship. The armor is able to take our hitting against the boards and the surrounding rocks on the chest, but a few seconds in the lava are enough and the metal melts instantly. Fortunately, the surrounding nature can be useful, because by crushing the rocks we can allow the water to cool the lava, which, turning into a solid mass, can be shot, creating a new passage. It also works the other way round – if we hit the ice, properly directed lava will take care of the obstacle. The whole thing is seasoned with a solid physics engine, which efficiently calculates the behavior of various liquids and rock fragments – thanks to this, the whole thing seems very realistic and additionally affects the immersion, allowing you to feel the role of a pilot maneuvering between obstacles. The gameplay system is very simple and based on the above-mentioned dependencies, but sometimes you have to think about the right order so as not to end up escaping from the lava that just got through a freshly blown hole in the rock. In addition to looking for survivors, whose collection opens the gate to the next stage, the creators hid valuable gemstones and VIP scientists on the maps, the collection of which provides an additional point injection.

As if that were not enough, the shared multiplayer mode will delight those with a messiah complex and those with a sadistic flair – while the former tries to save the scientists, the latter’s task is to kill them. A simple solution, but extremely addictive and even after a few rounds in a row it does not get boring. Thus, we get a compilation of two Q-Games games, HD graphics with beautiful views, a simple and addictive gameplay system and a multiplayer mode that will extend the time of interacting with the game. For trophy fans, we still have a lot of cups to be won, and as this is a compilation, Sony has allowed us to implement more of them.

Review: Pixel Junk Shooter Ultimate (PS4 / PS Vita)

If you haven’t had fun with PixelJunk Shooter in the past, then z PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (PS4) you will have fun. The more that the game was made available as part of the PlayStation Plus subscription, so if you are a subscriber, you can download it for free. If you like indie shooters, I sincerely recommend it – otherwise you can hold back and hunt for other titles at a similar price, because despite everything I wrote above, you have to like this genre to enjoy it.