Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (PS4).

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (PS4) surprises me from the very first game I play. The end of the match – the opponent attacks me, I take the ball from him and … the referee blows his whistle. Having learned from the previous installments of this series, I begin to swear under my breath. The game, however, surprises me. The referee gives a yellow card to an opponent for simulating. The first impression after last year’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (PS4) couldn’t be better.

If you remember my review of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (PS4) from last year, you know that the referees in that game gave me a white fever without whistling even in case of obvious offenses on the part of my rivals. Instead, they were eager to dictate fouls against us and kick my players off the field. Firing up the game, I wondered if Konami decided to do anything about it this year. I never fully believed in their pre-premiere announcements. But. This year, virtually every information from Konami found its confirmation in the final product. Thanks to this, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (PS4) is played at least as well as in one of the best (if not the best) games – PES6. And it is not an exaggeration, the game has a huge amount of honey, which this year has not been contaminated with anything.

Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (PS4)

The referee not only blows normally, but also gives cards to opponents for simulations or elbow strikes during the fight for the ball (or without it), which results in red cards. He uses advantage almost perfectly during the action, returning later with pages. Regardless of whether we are committing an offense or the AI-controlled team of rivals is doing it. Artificial intelligence has also made a qualitative leap. The difficulty levels are set so that they actually match their names. If someone has played the previous games, the first four will be too easy, but the highest one will probably cause problems. The console mixes in action, plays out of the box and is even able to draw conclusions from how we play. I tested it hard, pushing my left wing into the penalty area. In the second half, the team moved more to the right and secured more defensive play to kick the ball out of crosses or even prevent them from happening at all. Of course, it’s not that the AI ​​is able to block our actions – perpendicular moves are very powerful and terrible. Thanks to this, counterattacks gain a lot of importance, especially since the opponents love to attack us and throw long balls on the wings to stretch the defense.

Fortunately, there are no such problems in defense anymore. The players respond much better to our orders. It is true that I experienced some strange fogging on their part and freezing the action a few times, but … similar mistakes are made by rivals, so I shoot that this is some algorithm that is supposed to introduce random errors in both teams. I will return for a moment to the above-mentioned counterattacks. The fact that they are so good is due to the improved passes, where the game takes into account much more the player’s skills, positioning on the pitch and fatigue. It’s similar in defense – you can’t get out of trouble by patting X and hoping to throw the ball somewhere to the side. We will lose the ball faster in the penalty area. And if we are talking about it – finally you do not have to be afraid of obstruction, blocking and picking up there. The detection of collisions and the interpretation of our games by the referee are several levels higher than in the previous games. And just like a year ago, I was losing goals due to the passivity of the defenders and the fear of penalizing, so in this version blocking the ball and playing with the body is a unique pleasure.

Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (PS4)

The whole reception is completed by a lot of new animations, thanks to which the meeting looks realistic. We have much fewer moments in which we see jumps in the player’s movements, which was seen when running with sprints or dribbling. However, goalkeepers who are able to take out shots that are not defensible have gained the most. Believe me, when a goalkeeper in an online game saves your in a one-on-one situation and quickly pulls himself together to pair a shot over the bar – you nod your head in appreciation. It should be noted, however, that goalkeepers only present themselves in such a great way at higher difficulty levels. The lower they go, the more mistakes they make, but this is so that beginners don’t get discouraged.

Just as Konami tends to shine when it comes to the pitch itself, the game modes were not fully used, mainly due to strange decisions and tiring in the long run due to clicking on millions of unnecessary windows. This year, some of the unnecessary clicking was fired and everything was stuffed with more idea. It is true that in MyClub we sometimes have to struggle with new windows, but it’s not that bad. The acquisition of players has been improved by giving us scouts and allowing us to draw colored balls more efficiently. After each match, we can get one scout, so there will be no situation in which we lack GP and someone would force us to buy MyClub coins. In my favorite Master League, transfers have been made again and they are noticeably better than a year ago, although it’s not a big difference. Unfortunately, at some points there is too much work to go from one tab to another and Konami could do a bit more, but… for them – it’s not bad.

Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (PS4)

By far the most important option is the return of simple Option File import, thanks to which we will correct even larger deficiencies in licenses in a few minutes at most. Unfortunately, Konami has no way to fight dollars from EA, so after losing La Liga, it was decided to establish a partnership with FC Barcelona (and BvB and Liverpool along with several South American clubs), which not everyone will like – Barcelona and its players are everywhere and in competitions we face fake teams. Yes, I wrote about Option File and the simplicity of importing, but … now I can see that some of them are beyond their limits, so they will be stuck with non-original names, leagues and clubs. And, the expanded Versus Mode is also back (it is enough to create two Data files and each player has his own, for which matches are counted), as well as the option to create your own league and cups on which we only like. A plus for Konami for filling the gaps.

Finally, this unfortunate online mode for many. People who started treating Pro Evolution Soccer as a loner game or a party ball kick for enthusiasts did not do too well. Konami seems to be trying to make the online game as normal as possible. This year, despite a bit long time of searching for opponents (too few players?), The quality of the game itself and the stability of the link between me and my opponent were as satisfactory as possible – no lags or broken connections. Unfortunately, the Japanese still don’t do anything with quitters, so if that was your biggest problem with the series then … it still exists and this year nothing will change with it. At least the developer has something to work on. I would add some repetitions to them – if they don’t cut anymore, some master came up with the idea of ​​screwing up graphic effects, blurring the image and I don’t know what else. It was supposed to be film-like, it turned out to be the work of a beginner high school student while playing with the editing program.

Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (PS4)

I do not regret any time spent with the game. It hurts me that I cannot spend dozens of hours only on this title and soak in the Master League for several seasons. It is finally the PES that has been needed on the market for a long time. It’s a pity it’s only now, but better late than never.