Review: Red Dead Redemption: Outlaws to the End (PS3 / DLC).

An expansion to Red Dead Redemption with a subtitle Outlaws to the End it is actually existing content in the full version of the game. Rockstar did not even try to hide this fact, because the entire DLC turns out to be only a 12-megabyte file downloaded on the HDD of our console. But firmly hold back your indignation. The company differs from the greedy Ubisoft in that its extension offers absolutely free owners of literally all copies of Red Dead Redemption. And I also mean used copies …

Outlaws to the End offers 6 new cooperative missions, played in the realities known to the owners of the basic version of the game, and a number of new trophies implemented especially for fans of collecting cups. The whole thing was done as usual, as befits RDR standards. There is rescue from oppression of a poor farmer and escorting her to a designated place, there is defensive formations of opponents operating with heavy cannons, and finally we also have a mission taking place inside a gold mine and a raft ride. The absolute icing on the cake, however, is the classic stagecoach robbery theme for Westerns, known probably from all movies and books about the Wild West. In one of the tasks, we will even have the opportunity to play the role of a purebred cow herder (!).

Review: Red Dead Redemption: Outlaws to the End (PS3 / DLC)

In Outlaws to the End, we have locations identical to those in the base, with only slightly remodeled gameplay objectives, the same opponents approach the barrel, and we wield well-known weapons in our hands. In short, we have downloaded only scripts dressed in old robes to the disc of our consoles. The DLC as an integral whole was not too logically motivated in the plot, but no one expected it from him. We can complete all missions in about 10-20 minutes (in this aspect the longest The River excels), which in total gives us about 60-120 minutes of fun. As for the absolutely free extension, this result seems to be more than satisfactory.

It is also worth mentioning that 4-person teams consist of characters using completely different sets of weapons. Everything looks classic and does not differ much from what we are used to in multiplayer battles in Red Dead Redemption. It’s best for one of your buddies to wield a sniper rifle, one to clear the path with a heavy shotgun or shotgun, and another to assume the role of a team sapper and explosives specialist. The tasks have been evenly balanced in terms of the usefulness of each of the classes I have mentioned. In addition, it is definitely worth playing as a team and staying very close to each other, because in the event of the death of one of your companions, only a teammate can heal him.

Review: Red Dead Redemption: Outlaws to the End (PS3 / DLC)

But it is not everything! Imagine my surprise when I unlocked a higher degree of difficulty after completing all 6 missions. Immediately there was a motivation to continue the game. I immediately jumped into the fun with RDR. And I had a pretty good spouse. It turns out that playing missions on a higher difficulty level (stronger opponents, no targeting aid) requires you to DRAW them. You cannot simply select the mission “The Herd” in the world with the button, but wait until the honorable randomizing machine releases the blockade and just hits the mission desired by the players. By voting among the players currently on the server, we can agree or not to the result of the draw. Stupid play from Rockstar. It may not interfere with the free perception of the game, but it can irritate the less patient RDR fans.

If you manage to accept a number of drawbacks of multiplayer battles in RDR, the free Outlaws to the End is a must-have for you. It’s still the same – high, but not the highest level of gameplay full of errors, suspensions and lengthy loading. I played the DLC for maybe an hour and a half, passed, forgot and again returned to the old, good and still fun Modern Warfare 2. I think that for most players it will be the same, only for the Activision title by inserting Battlefield: Bad Company 2 or any other production focused on online gameplay. But you can have fun for a while.

Review: Red Dead Redemption: Outlaws to the End (PS3 / DLC)