Review: Runbow Deluxe Edition (PS4).

If you’ve ever wanted to compete with your friends using characters from your favorite indie games, then Runbow is a game just for you!

Runbow is a 2D arcade game with pastel graphics. The most important mechanic here is the constantly changing colors of the boards, resulting in the appearance of new platforms that we can use. Changing the layout of the boards means that we often have to land on a footbridge other than planned.

Review: Runbow Deluxe Edition (PS4)

Undoubtedly the greatest asset Runbow there is a multiplayer mode. The game includes a couch competition mode for four players, as well as an online mode, in which as many as nine daredevils can compete with each other at the same time. We have several game modes at our disposal – race to the goal, fight to the death in the arena or King of the Hill, in which one of the players has to stay at the top of the board for a long time. The colorful chaos that takes place during the duels of nine people is really great fun. If you like crazy multiplayer games, you should definitely experience it yourself! Lonely players also have a chance to show off. There are over 140 challenges to complete, unlocking characters known from other indie games. So you have a chance to play as Shovel Knight, Gunvolt or Shantae in one game (and these are just a few of the many unlockable characters).

Control in Runbow it is simple and limited to a few buttons. This is especially important during couch competitions, because uncomfortable or too complicated controls could alienate some players. The production works as it should and I did not encounter any technical problems while playing it.

Review: Runbow Deluxe Edition (PS4)

Competition with your friends is a guarantee of fun. Fierce duels made me feel like playing TowerFall or Nidhogg again. Despite the enormous fun that this multiplayer title gives, a shadow is the fact that there is not an extremely varied content here and the whole thing can get boring for some players quite quickly. Not everyone will like the single-player challenge mode, in which we do practically the same activities, only in other locations. The title works great during several hours of parties with friends. While playing solo, however, I didn’t feel much motivation to continue playing.

Another thing that got me in Runbow not captivating, there is an audiovisual setting. Graphically, the title is quite average. It is colorful and clear, but there is nothing here that can impress. Graphics are not a very important element in this type of games, but I have the impression that the creators could have tried a little more. The soundtrack, although quite interesting, suffers from repetitive tracks. I often had the feeling that I had ‘heard it somewhere before’.

Review: Runbow Deluxe Edition (PS4)

If you are looking for a couch competition game with friends, Runbow is a great choice and I think you will enjoy it. However, if you would like to buy this title as a lonely player with no “own team”, I do not recommend this type of purchase. The challenges can quickly bore you, and the online mode is empty at the moment.

author: kamilinho

Review: Runbow Deluxe Edition (PS4)

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