Review – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E09 – Saga! The warm bond between brothers!.

In the last episode we could see Shaka defeating the “god” Balder without major complications and still with a beautiful participation of Mask of Death. Today premiered the ninth episode, which had the long-awaited participation of Saga, the Gold Saint of Gemini (and according to some the strongest of the golden ones, although I think that title belongs to Shaka).

Compared to the last chapters, this one was more lukewarm in terms of action, focusing more on developing the narrative, with some revelations. But let’s start with Saga’s fight against Sigmund, older brother of the late siegfried from the classic saga of Asgard.

The combat between the two was brief, and unfortunately not as epic as that of siegfried years ago, which was a lot of work for Ikki, Shiryu and Seiya. Sigmund tells Saga that he hates Athena, Poseidon and the Gods of Olympus because of his brother’s death, and now he wants to avenge him.

Review – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E09 – Saga!  The warm bond between brothers!

The knight of twins says he understands his rival’s feelings, as he also has a younger brother, but who is determined to move on. Common simple hand gestureSaga delivers a powerful blow that destroys Sigmund’s armor, even scratching Andreas’s face, who watches the fight from afar, through his “three-dimensional chessboard”.

The golden one says the god warrior he is very weak and that he will never be able to defeat him, that he is to be left out if he wants to live. It is clear that Sigmund refuses to believe this and that he will only have peace if he defeats the adversary. Sigmund then attacks, his eyes turning red like Balder’s in the last episode, who was being controlled by an evil entity.

Review – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E09 – Saga!  The warm bond between brothers!

Saga also attacks with his galactic explosion, but when he was about to be defeated, Siegfried’s armor (or Divine Robe, as you prefer) appears and protects his brother during the devastating attack. Sigmund believes that the armor is there to give him more power, but Saga says no, that it actually is. crying🇧🇷 Siegfried’s soul appears and says that there is no need for him to fight Saga. When Sigmund was about to accept and give up the fight, Andreas intervenes and takes control of the God Warrior, which left him in mode. bersekerfighting like crazy but extremely powerful.

Unable to control himself, Sigmund begs Saga to kill him and end his suffering. The golden one recognizes him as an honorable warrior and explodes his cosmos to the maximum (with Kanon’s soul appearing behind him), revealing his divine armor. Saga once again uses his galactic explosion against the crazed opponent, but this time he focuses his power on the Sapphire of Odin in his armor, which, when destroyed, ends Andreas’ manipulation of the Warrior God. Saga doesn’t kill his rival and leaves him on the ground, leaving.

Review – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E09 – Saga!  The warm bond between brothers!

Meanwhile other parallel plots develop. Dohko faces the mysterious Utgard, who has his mask ripped off, revealing to have a scar like the Gold Saints when they use their maximum cosmos (is he a resurrected Athena Saint too?). The scene cuts to Lifiawho begins to have memories and has a shocking revelation: that she was the one who resurrected the Gold Saints in Asgard.

If Saga hardly even moved to defeat Sigmund, Aiolia wages a fairly violent and balanced battle against frodi in another chamber. The God Warrior says that he grew up with Lifia (in a friend zone) and that he fights to protect her and Asgard. Aiolia, in turn, also says that he fights to protect Lifia (a disputed mine) and that he won’t give up. Both fight fiercely, believing in their ideals, when Lifia appears and stops the fight, revealing herself to be responsible for the reappearance of the Gold Saints.

Review – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E09 – Saga!  The warm bond between brothers!

Andreas confirms the information, saying that she is the one who wants to conquer Asgard and destroy Yggdrasil. He also says that, according to the traditions of Asgard, those who raise the dead must be punished with death, leaving the task to frodi🇧🇷 He attacks the girl with his sword, but at the last moment he is unable to kill her.

Lifia then takes the sword and says she deserves to die, but Aiolia stops her. In this, Frodi begins to have doubts about what is happening in Asgard, when Andreas goes into action trying to control the God Warrior in mode. berseker🇧🇷 But before that happens, Frodi himself breaks his Sapphire of Odin, preventing the manipulation.

Unfortunately, that didn’t stop an unforeseen tragedy from happening: Utgard appears and attacks Lifia, who dies in Aiolia’s arms🇧🇷 Andreas orders Utgard to kill Aiolia, but then Frodi tells the golden one to leave as he will fight the other God Warrior, ending the episode.

Review – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E09 – Saga!  The warm bond between brothers!

Talking now about the technical aspectswe continue with the very weak visual design, with no scene that stands out the way it deserves, which is clear especially in Saga’s fight, which could count on beautiful special effects during its galactic explosion🇧🇷 And speaking of that, I particularly expected a much more epic battle of the Gemini. That Sigmund was a total disappointment, not even to tickle the opponent, unlike his brother Siegfried, who fought one of the most epic battles in the entire history of the series (and therefore my expectation of Sigmund vs Saga was very high).

Let’s wait and see if new challenges await Saga in the future. But I really liked the references to the classic saga of Asgard, seeing Hilda being possessed, the ancient God Warriors reunited, Siegfried’s memories (I almost rolled a tear when his Divine Robe appeared on the screen). The story behind Sigmund was well built, he just needed to have more presence/imposition than his brother.

I also really enjoyed the clash between Leo and Frodi, with both fighting fiercely for what they believe in, which has always been a recurring theme on the Serie. Frodi, for example, proved to have more personality and presence than Sigmund in the episode, and earned my “like” for his remarkable participation (despite losing a few points for being another sucker in the friendzone).

Review – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E09 – Saga!  The warm bond between brothers!

And what about Lifia, is she really dead? What are the mysteries behind it yet to be revealed? What are Andreas’ plans? Who is Utgard? We still have a lot of mysteries to solve in the remaining four episodes. Leave in the comments what you thought of this episode and what are your theories and speculations about the narrative. The next one is now only on August 14th, until then!

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Review – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E09 – Saga!  The warm bond between brothers!

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Review – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E09 – Saga!  The warm bond between brothers!