Review: State of Mind (PS4).

State of Mind is a disturbing vision of the world of the future, in which the theme of transhumanism plays the main role.

Berlin in 2048. Journalist Richard Nolan has a car accident and wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. His wife and son disappearing in mysterious circumstances, as well as a new helper robot appearing at home are just the beginning of the problems that our hero will have to deal with during this 15-hour adventure.

Review: State of Mind (PS4)

State of Mind is a sci-fi adventure thriller in which the main emphasis is placed on the story. When exploring locations, we look for clues, talk to other characters, and solve puzzles. Interesting, full of twists and interesting characters, the production has a lot of memorable moments. I am very curious about the reaction of players to one of the controversial scenes that stuck in my memory quite strongly. Most of the time, I was very impressed with the authors’ vision of the world of the future. The plot seemed very interesting, and I explored the atmospheric locations full of neon lights with great pleasure. The spell, however, broke when I got to the last chapters of the game. The nondescript final locations and the unsatisfied ending only increase the impression of wasted potential. Especially after a great start to production.

State of Minddespite the similarities to Telltale and Quantic Dreams games, it does not have Quick Time Events. The creators of the game focused on occasional, simple mini-games and puzzles. These are quite interesting gameplay elements, but their simplicity makes the challenge virtually zero and we solve them without any problems. The game also has a lot of choices, but I have often had the impression that they don’t have much of an impact on how this linear story unfolds. I missed the greater consequences of our actions.

Review: State of Mind (PS4)

The artistic side of this production deserves special praise. Locations full of neon lights and futuristic elements can be liked. The specific appearance of the character, although not everyone will like it, in my opinion highlights the uniqueness of this title very well. The soundtrack also presents a high level and also in this matter there is nothing to fault. For review, I received a copy with an early version of the game with some bugs. The developers of the game, however, promise that the version that players will receive for the premiere will be free from the bugs I have encountered. There is nothing else to do but take the creators’ word for it.

Despite the weaker tip State of Mind is a solid title, worth recommending to fans of adventure games or sci-fi. It deals with interesting topics such as transhumanism and shows in an interesting way how the world can evolve in the future. It also makes fun of the stupidities of today’s pop culture and shows that it could be even worse in the future. Time spent at State of Mind I do not consider lost. If you are not sure about your purchase, I suggest you wait for the price reduction. The game has a lot of flavors that are best discovered by yourself. It’s just a pity that the final stages seem to be done in a rush and without the same heart input as the rest of the story.

Review: State of Mind (PS4)

author: kamilinho

The publisher has provided the game for review.

Review: State of Mind (PS4)