Review: Strike Vector EX (PS4).

Strike Vector EX (PS4) is a rebuilt, heavily refreshed version of the 2014 network shooter released on PC. Let’s see if the jump to a more modern graphics engine and the addition of a single-player campaign will make this “simulator” of a space fighter worth your attention.

Strike Vector EX (PS4), compared to the first version, jumped from the Unreal 3 engine to Unreal 4. The game world is nice, although there are no graphic flairs here, about which we could write songs of praise. Much more important is the fact that everything is running in 1080p at 60 frames per second without any stuttering. Unfortunately, the sound fails and does not want to tickle our ears with the roar of engines and powerful explosions. It’s a pity that aspect.

Review: Strike Vector EX (PS4)

One of the announced novelties of Strike Vector EX (PS4) is a single player campaign. We play the role of a young pilot of a futuristic fighter named Marv. He shows a great talent for flying, so after completing the first training missions, he is thrown into deep water – into the whirlwind of battle between evil corporations. We get to know the plot through the boards presented before the missions with narration and fully voiced dialogues. The heroes switch sides every now and then, throwing weak arguments as to why they are doing this and not otherwise. It all boils down to either getting lost somewhere in the middle or completely ignoring the predictable twists. The campaign missions, despite the different goals and different plot backgrounds, look very similar and are quite boring, but they fulfill a key role – during these fifteen scenarios, I learned the controls and rules of individual maps, which resulted when the real fun began.

Vector is a cross between a fighter and a mech. In the default mode, it is rather slow equipment, but it has quite a lot of firepower. After pressing L2, the vehicle transforms into a super-fast jet, allowing you to quickly reach your destination or lose the pursuit. Our opinion is to master both modes, because without them we can forget about success in multiplayer mode, the main attraction of the game. The locations in which we carry out missions are sky arenas centered around levitating old factories, mining platforms and similar buildings. Off-road obstacles add an interesting tactical aspect. Thanks to them, the knowledge of the maps and the developed dexterity will allow you to avoid being shot down, even when the enemy is overwhelmingly outnumbered.

Review: Strike Vector EX (PS4)

As mentioned above, the multiplayer module is the most important component of this game. Strike Vector EX (PS4) offers the most popular FPS game modes, adapted to sky battles. Out of all six game modes, Team Deathmatch is, as always, the most popular, here it is called Squad Battle. Up to twelve players divided into two teams fight in a multi-tiered arena – and that’s when the fun begins! A duel with lively, thinking (usually) opponents, who have very fast and very agile machines, is a completely different experience. There is momentum, bullets are whistling, rockets are flying by, mines left in the air are surprising and someone is still flying by. In addition, a lot of places where you can hide or lose the pursuers or improve your health. Vectors, despite their massive build, will not survive a wall encounter while accelerating, so avoiding obstacles is another aspect to consider when plunging into a maze of buildings.

King of the Hill is also pretty fun to play, where you have to get hold of your designated spot for as long as possible. The real gem is yet another variation of the classic, Capture the Flag. Simple rules: get to the enemy base, “seize” the flag and return to your base. The mode is placed on boards full of obstacles, turns and walls just waiting for someone to blur them (a breakdown means negative experience points). You also have to remember about the opponents who, while chasing, do not allow the attacking team to breathe even for a moment. Great emotions guaranteed.

Review: Strike Vector EX (PS4)

Multiplayer is great, but it has one major problem. I have been playing a week after the premiere and very often I can’t find anyone willing to play. Only once (ONCE) in the evening hours we managed to complete twelve people for the Squad Battle mode. Most often, the game begins after collecting six players and we fight three against three. For the same reason, it is not possible to balance the squads well and during one match on the board we have players on both the first and 50 experience levels. Although it should be noted here that the developer is already working on the update, so this problem may be mitigated over time.

Vector upgrades are unlocked with each new mission during the campaign. Ultimately, we can choose from eight weapons, ranging from constantly ripping gatling, through something like a shotgun, to homing missiles. Most importantly, a stronger weapon doesn’t have to be better. It is the style of play and the skill of the player that define what the skirmishes will be. With the seemingly weakest weapon, you can kick any opponent’s butt. In addition to weapons, we choose one of the special skills that need time to cool down after use. You can choose between repairing during the flight, hitting enemies approaching from different sides or leaving mines. Finally, there is the choice of one of the available Vector traits, which can be more resistant to damage, faster in offensive mode or even faster in … quick mode. In online mode, all weapons and attachments are available from the very beginning, so you don’t have to worry about tediously wasting experience points to get the weapon you want.

Review: Strike Vector EX (PS4)

Strike Vector EX (PS4) is a very successful production. A spectacular shooter with a well-balanced, intense and insanely addictive multiplayer mode, where it is the player’s skills, and not the unlocked upgrades, that determine the victory or defeat. Unfortunately, low popularity among players results in emptiness on the servers, and it would be a shame if no one was playing in a month. I recommend it, but remember this warning.