Review: Tales of Berseria (PS4).

The games from the Tales series almost always had a serious storyline, but so far have not touched on a truly dark atmosphere. Tales of Berseria However, she abandons this tradition and shows that even when you feel the claws of a beautiful demon woman on the neck, you can have a lot of fun. Follow Velvet and discover the secrets of a world living in eternal fear of a terrible plague.

Raven-haired Velvet did not have an easy life. Already as a child, she lost her older sister when, during the bloody full moon, demons raided her native village. When this phenomenon repeated a few years later, her beloved brother was sacrificed in a ritual, and the heroine turned into Therion – a creature that devours other demons (but not only) with a giant paw – and ended up in a deep dungeon. Living only with the thirst for revenge, the young woman is set free to embark on a journey aimed at the death of her brother’s murderer. On the way, she is joined by a group of misfits with similar goals. Together they travel the world ruled by the religious organization The Abbey dealing with the fight against demons. Do you have to be steeped in evil to overcome it? Will a shy boy named Laphicet break the ice that locks the heart of a demon? Moreover, what dark secret does The Abbey hide?

Review: Tales of Berseria (PS4)

The plot Tales of Berseria characterized by really fast-paced action. Contrary to Zestiria, where there were moments boring the player, here the next events take place almost one after another, not allowing you to tear yourself away from the TV. The corpse falls thick, there is violence even against children, although the border of good taste has not been exceeded anywhere. The protagonists of the drama are very charismatic, especially Velvet herself, who attracts herself not only with her black hair or skimpy clothes, but also with her personality. The heroine accepts the fact that she is a monster, avoiding moral judgments or justifications for her actions. She only lives for revenge, nothing else matters … until the human feelings dormant in her slowly make themselves felt. After all, the scriptwriters gave us a nice springboard from soulful heroes fighting for law and justice. The accompanying characters are also very quick to like, such as the witty swordsman Rokurou, the hidden pirate Eizen or the witch Magilou, which brings a lot of comedy moments. The title is a prequel that was released some time ago Tales of Zestiria, but the action takes place in the distant past, so the knowledge of the predecessor is not very necessary for happiness. The game world consists of numerous islands, so there is also some marine atmosphere.

The fast-paced gameplay characterizes not only the storyline, but it is also visible during clashes with opponents. Yes, in the previous installments the fight was always dynamic, but a certain corset consisted of delivering blows and special attacks with two buttons and locking on one opponent. Now it is gone, and our Velvet freely passes where it wants, launching the selected attack with only one assigned button. Intuitive and we quickly combine them into combos, thanks to which we are rewarded with spectacular pirouettes of the heroine. Everything is almost like a fighting game. Almost, because our murderous impulses are inhibited by the number of available souls used by combat skills and the inability to jump. Thanks to the introduced improvements, frequent fights are no longer a nuisance and are a lot of fun. However, the freedom of movement has led to a significant decrease in the difficulty level, because avoiding enemy attacks is now very easy, so if someone expects a challenge, choose a higher difficulty level immediately. On the moderate moderate I had a lot of fun, although it was pretty banal. Interestingly, the fights once again take place on separate screens, but the ones here load in the blink of an eye, so for me it was a better solution than waiting for a few seconds for monsters in Zestiria. There are also destructive finishers characteristic of the cycle, although in this area nothing has changed except for more convenient activation.

Review: Tales of Berseria (PS4)

After so many advantages, however, one should sadly move on to the biggest disadvantage of production, which is the visual setting. He admits that it perfectly reflects the atmosphere of the created world, but now it is difficult to defend graphics straight from the previous generation of consoles. Of course, in its homeland, the game was also released on PS3, but we get to know it already on PlayStation 4where despite the increased resolution, it looks stale. This is especially visible in almost empty dungeons or ruins. The cities and the interiors of buildings are a bit better, but they also do not sin with size or details. It’s better with the outdoors, where we can find some nice views, but it’s a long way to delight. In addition, the open world has been abandoned, although the areas for exploration are still large and well-developed. It is not difficult to create a huge game environment, because it still needs to be filled, and in this respect it is better than in Zestiria. Fortunately, the animation runs smoothly in 60 frames, and the characters themselves look very good and really catch the eye, especially during genre scenes – skits. There are a lot of animated scenes and problems with the camera have been fixed. Despite my objections, the graphics should not discourage fans of the series from this title, but it is high time for changes. The soundtrack, dominated by stronger sounds, as well as my favorite choirs and good dubbing – both English and Japanese, should be praised for this.

The game mechanics itself has been slightly improved for the better. Side quests are more closely related to the main storyline, allowing you to save time on eliminating unnecessary traversal of extra kilometers. Another thing is that there are too few of these tasks. The synthesis of items has been slightly simplified and a lot of interesting mini-games have been introduced. In addition, we get a ship that we send to a sea expedition. Unfortunately, we were deprived of the possibility of interfering with the development of heroes who will advance themselves according to a specific pattern thanks to traditional experience points.

Review: Tales of Berseria (PS4)

Tales of Berseria is a title that is heavily focused on the story and fighting rather than exploring the game world, which is relatively small. Nevertheless, this concept works, and the story itself draws you in like a swamp. I remember the time spent on the adventures of Velvet very nice, but the prohibitive price may discourage you from buying. It is worth buying it as soon as it stands a bit, and complete the vengeance of the raven haired demon.