Review: Tesla vs Lovecraft (PS4).

Who would come out victorious in the fight Tesla vs Lovecraft? To answer this, he tries to find a new twin-stick shooter, in which the power of science and firearms faces the forces of the Great Old Ones.

Tesla vs Lovecraft It’s an interesting idea and average performance – that’s how I could summarize the entire review. Creators Crimsonland and Neon Chrome this time they took historical figures and threw them into the middle of a conflict closed in the structure of a twin-stick shooter. An unusual combination, which, unfortunately, cannot be said about the rest.

The first thing that catches the eye after launching Tesla vs Lovecraft is the nasty graphics layer. 3D objects do not shock with the number of polygons they consist of, and the locations look like a work created randomly by an uncomplicated map generator. It is empty, monotonous and uninteresting. Suffice it to say that the whole thing looks worse than the old one Dead Nation from PS3.

Review: Tesla vs Lovecraft (PS4)

I throw this comparison for a reason, because the shooting system of both games is quite similar. Here the creators are hard to fault. Spitting lead on the numerous hordes of Ancient Ones flooding the entire environment is a lot of fun. The weapon set is quite standard. We have a thompson, a powerful shotgun or more sophisticated teslagoons firing current beams at our disposal.

We will also use a few gadgets and a powerful mech that acts as a temporary bonus after collecting several parts of the robot. Then, armed with two miniguns, we transform enemies into a shapeless mass of meat in the blink of an eye. After all, something original is missing here, and we find nothing that we would not see in dozens of other games in the genre.

Review: Tesla vs Lovecraft (PS4)

This applies not only to the weapons themselves, but also to the enemies. At first, we are thrown at the simplest of scars, which in hordes of several dozen rush towards us and fall quickly. Over time, more difficult individuals emerge, but their behavior pattern does not differ significantly from those of non-lovers. They use different attacks, but still follow the player blindly. The gameplay is still the same and does not require any major changes in tactics.

We fall into the arena and kill respawning enemies, destroy the portal, and sometimes fight a boss – this is what the gameplay comes down to. Do not count on any campaign with a continuity of events. In the arena, we collect temporary bonuses that increase our speed and damage, and then we start the game again with a higher level of challenge and on a slightly different map.

Review: Tesla vs Lovecraft (PS4)

Monotony creeps in quickly and longer sessions become boring. The gameplay is simply correct, and if it suits us, the developers encourage them with daily challenges or a survival mode. In my case, however, the motivation to continue playing quickly ran out. Designs of locations or enemies also fail. Lovecraft’s work is very distinctive and you can create a lot of creative things from it. Here, however, it is clichéd and boring. You can’t count on humor either.

It’s not that I was having a bad time with this title. I just spent a few bland hours with him, but it was fun without much emotion or commitment. It is a perfect title for several minutes of de-stressing gameplay, but after turning it off, I didn’t feel any motivation to come back to it. The fun, while quite enjoyable, is not memorable and quickly gets out of the way. There are many better representatives of the genre on the market and it is better to look at them.

Review: Tesla vs Lovecraft (PS4)

The developer provided us with the game for review