Review: Tethered (PS4).

Tethered it may look like a fairy tale production aimed at younger players, but don’t be fooled! This is a full-fledged, demanding RTS that can now be played without PlayStation VR goggles. The only question is, are you ready to control the moody band of suicides …

Tethered takes us to gloomy islands hanging high in the sky. Eggs are falling from the sky quickly, from which Peep creatures hatch, and with their help we have to restore green on these worn out, sad pieces of land. So we collect resources and build a settlement, fighting omnivorous snails after dark. In principle, it is a simple RTS, the biggest advantage of which is virtual reality, but … the developer came up with something extremely playable. And this with great Irish folk in the background!

Review: Tethered (PS4)

Something that feels simplified to the limit Black & White, is an accessible basis for a demanding VR strategy. The revival of each island is similar – we collect four types of resources, erect buildings to help train Peepy and defend ourselves against free enemies until the greening of the island reaches its maximum level. Over the course of twelve levels, the simplicity of the game does not cease to be fun, because these simple, not varied with anything special rules allow you to focus on managing the charges. We send them for resources and for battle without thinking about what new skill tree or other development paths are waiting to be unlocked. This allowed for a gradual increase in the pace of the game and… that’s it. We constantly lead someone somewhere and there is simply no time to get bored.

Okay, there will be some minor changes. We influence the weather and upgrade buildings to one of three variants. The gameplay itself, however, is not complicated. Most of the time, we control the island, carefully observing every corner of it in search of danger and assessing the health and psyche of the Peeps. Interestingly, if the creature feels that he lacks the resources to meet his basic needs, he will throw himself into the abyss in an act of desperation. And yes, mass suicides are possible. And yes, I intentionally failed the mission to see if it would work. Besides, it all comes down to tagging Peep and directing him to the desired location. Seemingly simple, but with more of these little guys it is quite a demanding task, and each subsequent night brings stronger and stronger snails!

Review: Tethered (PS4)

Until recently Tethered was only available to holders PlayStation VR. Using motion controllers PlayStation Move we can freely rotate and move the entire island, while using DualShock we have to move between designated points, representing the island from different sides. Personally, I preferred the combination of “forehead aim + DualShock buttons”, but both options are equally effective and the Moves work. The last update also allowed you to play outside of virtual reality, so without PlayStation VR. It was solved in such a way that we still have strictly defined camera points above the map, and we rotate the camera by turning the controller. Moderately comfortable, especially when the slightest hand shake shakes the whole picture, but it is playable. Unfortunately, the right analog has not been thought about freely moving over the board.

Tethered it perfectly combines simple rules with gameplay that requires attention and planning, which works well for PlayStation VR. In addition, unlike most virtual reality productions, we don’t end the game after an hour or two – this is how long it will take to complete any two islands. Ultimately, we get a solid strategy that is worth knowing even without VR goggles.

Review: Tethered (PS4)

The game was reviewed on PS4 Pro