Review: The Disney Afternoon Collection (PS4).

The Disney Afternoon Collection collects six productions from NES in one set and sells them for PLN 79, adding a lot of materials from the production of each title. So we have the initiative Capcom and Disneywhich is not only a game set, but also a great piece of gaming history. However, a question may arise – who will pay for six such old items?

The answer is simple – anyone who has no prejudices and is curious about the history of games. The best games or those who aspire to them during the reign NES-and. This group would also include players who are at least 25 years old on their necks and have had contact with at least one of the games available in the package. What to expect from the collection? Five platform games (in two dimensions) and a sidescrolling shooter. So it was hard to miss all of them, especially since the collection includes hit productions:

Review: The Disney Afternoon Collection (PS4)
  • Ducktales
  • Ducktales 2
  • Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers
  • Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers 2
  • Darkwing Duck
  • Tailspin

As a child, I had to deal with a part of the games with The Disney Afternoon Collectionbut the Disney streak was familiar to me from cartoons anyway, so I was excited to hear about plans to bring it together into one extremely cheap collection. And before you say that PLN 79 for six old games is too much, because “you can download the emulator and play on it”, I have a short information for you – emulating games that you do not have physical possession is not legal. It’s once. And two – the original game releases are so expensive that you won’t save money for them even in six months. So yes, 79 zlotys for a faithfully reproduced collection of six games is not much.

Those who counted on refreshing the games to a degree similar to that released a few years ago will be disappointed Ducktales Remastered. Frank Cifaldi, as a great enthusiast of saving older titles, decided with his team to emulate the games Capcom exactly as they were over 20 years ago. So we have pixel art with all the glitches found in the originals or flickering sprites. It is a pity that the option of launching games without these errors was not tempted, but I understand the assumptions of perfect emulation. Even if this emulation is not so perfect, because unfortunately – there are some slowdowns in the animation, as well as problems with crackling sound, which is unfortunately the norm even on PCs. But hopefully there’s an update to fix it.

Review: The Disney Afternoon Collection (PS4)

In addition to the museum of production materials from games, the option of fast saving anywhere, a filter simulating the launch of games on the CRT screen, the possibility of enlarging or stretching the image and the greatest interference – the option of scrolling the game has been added. This works very well and allows you to go back a large chunk, which helps you learn it and find the optimal completion path. Here, however, I noticed problems. If we start to use scrolling frequently in a short period of time, after some time we will see significant drops in animation, and even glitches of the entire game. This is not an isolated case, because I checked on the Internet and it turns out that it is an extremely popular mistake.

And if you are wondering why this option was added – I’ll explain. Each game can be completed in about an hour. If we want to memorize it (and there aren’t many checkpoints here), you can easily scroll through a given segment to better understand it, and use the acquired skills in two additional modes. The first one is Boss Rush, in which we fight successively with the bosses of each game. The second is Time Trials, which have a built-in timer known from all kinds of speedruns, which can be watched, for example, in charity live broadcasts. The developer knew very well who this set was for, so he made sure to hand over the extremely refined tools. It is also worth mentioning that in these modes we will not use scrolling time.

Review: The Disney Afternoon Collection (PS4)

How is the game played? Like games from 20 years ago. Let’s face it, the mechanics of these productions are rough and don’t even try to play them on analogs. Teutonic Knights is the only option if you want to feel any control over the heroes. So it’s blocky, but… nice. It’s hard to describe, but if you are not prejudiced against old games, you will discover here not only layers of nostalgia, but also a successful gameplay with many secrets. I will also not forget that I played every title in this collection and the nostalgia sensor fell off the scale. In my childhood, I only had the opportunity to torment myself from time to time with my cousins Chip & Dales: Rescue Rangers and Ducktales, so The Disney Afternoon Collection it was also a way for me to learn about other games. And probably only Talespin I didn’t like it too much because of the controls.

So if you don’t hurt to spend PLN 79 (I think it’s the right price), you won’t be disappointed. Because apart from problems with sound (which will remain unrecognized by many anyway) and original glitches in games – the whole thing is perfectly wrapped and seasoned with nostalgic moments.

Review: The Disney Afternoon Collection (PS4)