Except for the price, which is still very high especially in the highest capacities, SSDs are superior in every way to traditional hard drives, offering devices that are much smaller, more resistant, more durable, and with incomparably higher read and write rates. to those of HDDs. Although SSDs have been with us for some time as internal storage units for computers, little by little they are beginning to make the leap abroad, and for this reason, on this occasion, we bring you the analysis of the Western Digital My Passport SSD external SSD.

The Western Digital My Passport SSD can be found in various capacities ranging from 256 GB to 2 TB. This external SSD stands out mainly for three characteristics. The first of these is its small size in all its capacities, with the casing of this SSD having dimensions of 9 cm long, 4.5 cm wide and only 1 cm thick.

Review: Western Digital My Passport SSD, your ideal companion for the PS4 or Xbox One

The second of its main characteristics is durability and resistance. While when we use an external hard drive we run the risk of hitting it (dropping it on the ground, for example) and losing absolutely all the data, rendering the drive completely unusable, this external SSD is resistant to falls of up to two meters, maintaining its working properly even if it falls while we are using it.

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The third of its characteristics is, without a doubt, the reading and writing speeds. HDDs usually have quite slow speeds in this regard, especially if we connect it via USB. This external SSD, along with its USB Type-C port, offers us speeds (reading) of up to 515 MB/s, being excellent drives to be able to work with them as if they were internal drives.

Western Digital My Passport SSD, an external SSD prepared to perform at its best for all kinds of uses

One of the uses of external SSDs that is spreading the most is to use them as expanded storage systems for current consoles, such as the PS4 and Xbox One, given that many of the games exceed 50 GB or 60 GB. GB is easy to run out of free space on these consoles. In addition, in most cases these external SSDs work faster than the internal HDD of the consoles, so by depending on them we will also gain a significant improvement in gaming performance and greater FPS stability.

Next, we leave you the review of this external SSD, an excellent alternative both in terms of performance and quality/price for those who are looking for both a small and portable storage system as well as an alternative to expand storage space, and performance, of a PS4 or Xbox One.