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Hello Games has been irretrievably associated with the name of No Man’s Sky since 2016, a game that has taken over the news in recent years with its unfulfilled promises at first and how hard the studio of Sean Murray to deliver what they had originally promised. A titanic work that has completely eclipsed everything else, to the point that many forgot its beginnings with the vindicable and likeable Joe Danger in the distant 2010.

Luckily, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of that motorcycle game, Hello Games surprised us a few days ago with a totally different job to what we had become used to: the puzzle adventure The Last Campfire, before which is impossible not to be captivated with its magic, beauty and innocence.

A journey in search of the meaning of life

There is a place where lost embers go, a sacred journey that in The last campfire It becomes very intimate, in part thanks to that children’s storytelling, where we accompany Ember on a journey where she will discover her true purpose. A simple adventure, without fanfare, that has a duende.

Hello Games made a simile with Pixar shorts when presenting this production long ago, which it called “Hello Games Short”, to reinforce that objective of fostering creativity and exploring new ideas. It is an adventure where dialogue and puzzles come together in an emotional story.

Through three clearly differentiated regions, but connected to each other, we will understand what happens there and what our objective is, where Ember herself will help to light different bonfires to help multiple souls in pain who were “stuck”. Every time we touch one of those souls, we will teleport to its “interior” to solve an associated puzzle, being one of the most remarkable aspects of the entire production thanks to its inventiveness.

We will not come across any extremely complex puzzles, but they are perfectly studied and they will surprise in many cases for how well implemented they are, taking advantage of the apparently limited options available to Ember, a protagonist who will achieve a certain skill in the middle of the story that will open a whole range of very grateful extra possibilities.

The Last Campfire is nice and very emotional

review with price, trailer and game experience for iOS, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Each place will have, in turn, various secondary characters with whom we can interact, helping them in certain tasks, such as getting an object that allows us to reach other areas. There will be moments for laughter and others that will touch us the potato, being a game without boasting that is easy to connect with.

It also encourages exploration, unlocking shortcuts and looking for those messages from a certain mysterious being that he has hidden in fifty chests. A character who will end up being key in the final section of the story, with a nice brooch to round off one of the great surprises of this 2020.

It does not reach the complexity of The Witness, but it is not something that Hello Games was looking for. Each one proposes a different trip, but it is neither better nor worse for that. Both proposals are necessary to reclaim one of the genres that have gained the most strength in recent years thanks to the indies.

Logically, we have omitted many details of the progress of its history in this analysis so as not to spoil the many surprises that this journey that is shaping entails, where it is gaining depth with each step that Ember takes in each region. About five hours that are enjoyed with great pleasure for a game that, personally, could have few drawbacks, except for certain glitches with an object.

SamaGame’s opinion

In summary, The Last Campfire is a highly recommended adventure for puzzle fans that they look for some type of special connection with their history. It is far from the productions with a larger budget, but that does not detract from its quality if we want a game with which to spend a most pleasant weekend, pampering our inner child. Hopefully more work like this from Hello Games.

review with price, trailer and game experience for iOS, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

The last campfire

Platforms Apple Arcade, Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, PS4 (reviewed version) and Xbox One
Multiplayer Not
Developer Hello games
Company Hello games
Launching August 27, 2020
Price 14.99 euros

The best

  • The puzzles are very careful and varied
  • The way the story is told
  • The attractiveness of his universe, of an intimate court
  • That contrast between laughter and tears


  • Slight glitches with the use of a certain object with the limits of the stage, to say the least
  • Or that it has not come out in physical format