review with price, trailer and game experience for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, Xbox One and Stadia

Since the first images of Windbound, comparisons to the revolutionary The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker emerged. However, as soon as one delves into the work of 5 Lives Studios, the resemblance remains in the navigation and that’s it. They have nothing to do with itlet that go ahead

Here we are before a game of survival outright, where to obtain materials to make various objects that allow us to hunt and not die of starvation, or create a transport with greater navigation comforts. But, does it work or does it sink at the first change? Unfortunately, the second.

Trying to figure out what’s going on in this universe

review with price, trailer and game experience for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, Xbox One and Stadia

It is not easy at all to find a balance in this kind of games, where the main thing is that the task of survival does not become heavy due to how much we are going exploit that mechanic over multiple hours. Get materials, dose the few inventory slots or hunt for food (although you can also choose to eat mushrooms without having to sacrifice any animals), are three of its key aspects that we will not stop squeezing.

It is extremely important in advance to know with what experience we want to face the journey, since Windbound offers two alternatives: Survival, where we return to chapter 1 when we die and only the “sustained” objects are preserved, and History, preserving all the progress of the game, no matter what happens.

The problem is that it shows that this 5 Lives Studios job is green, very green: from graphic glitches looking at the subsoil to a control that could be improved enough in the face of combat or an unfriendly interface to manage inventory. His good ideas (because he always wants to explore islands within an adventure that is randomly generated in each chapter) end up collapsing like a house of cards, which is a shame. And progress that is becoming very heavy does not help either, a bit like it happened with the promising Deiland.

Not everything is bad, for the record: to begin with, after passing each chapter we can choose between two blessings if we make an offering of marine fragments. Those permanent improvements can range from spending less stamina when running, to seeing our life regenerate automatically or enjoy ancient weapons that never break. And the experience changes a lot with certain advantages.

Windbound, Gone With the Wind …

review with price, trailer and game experience for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, Xbox One and Stadia

Although it gives the feeling of having a vast ocean to explore, it all comes down to a few islands in each chapter, seeing how many resemble each other, despite varying the setting of some, along with the associated materials (the more as we progress, we can make better things, including better storage bags (the seven-slot one is clearly insufficient) and, of course, the animals that are part of their habitat.

The objective in each chapter will be, in any case, locate some beacons of light inside some monuments that we will have to climb to obtain a piece of an ancient object. When we have each part, we can complete the staircase to a central area that can be seen from practically anywhere on the map and that will allow us to teleport to a mystical area from which we will end up obtaining a permanent improvement. So for five chapters.

The problem, as we have already stated, is that it is not as friendly as it should be when managing inventory or obtaining resources. We crave slow and clumsy, especially against enemies. And various options are missing beyond manufacturing or releasing, such as recycling to recover resources or that what is stored in baskets for the boat is counted in the general calculation of what we have available, without the obligation of having to take it to manufacture others. objects. They are obstacles that in the end become heavy.

And that it is quite cool to see the types of boats that we can create, not only by reinforcing different parts of a boat, but also by combining types of boats or platforms to create large-scale mischiefs. The pity is that it does not accompany everything else, especially the use of the (few) weapons.

SamaGame’s opinion

Definitely, Windbound is far from what we would have dreamed of, and we do not say it because of those comparisons that he suffered at the time with Zelda. Perhaps if it had had two or three months of extra development we could be facing a more recommended launch within survival video games.

review with price, trailer and game experience for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, Xbox One and Stadia


Platforms Nintendo Switch, PS4 (reviewed version), Xbox One, Steam, Epic Games Store, and Stadia
Multiplayer Not
Developer 5 Lives Studios
Company Deep silver
Launch August 28, 2020
Price 29.99 euros

The best

  • The possibilities with your boats
  • Its aesthetics and the attractiveness of certain places
  • A very nice soundtrack


  • It makes waters with the control in the combats
  • Interface for improvement at all levels
  • Its mechanics are repetitive

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