review with price, trailer and game experience for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam and Xbox One

There are games that don’t catch your attention right off the bat, partly because you think you know what they’re about and then they surprise you in other ways. It is the case of Evan’s Remains, a work by Matías Schmied that managed to finance itself quite humbly on KickStarter in mid-July 2019 with $ 12,096.

I became interested in this indie as a result of a video by Pazos64, especially because of that great mystery surrounding its history. Because despite being an adventure with a strong component of puzzles, these remain in the background to tell what happens on that island where Evan is supposedly. And of course, it hooks a fine thing.

An island that hides more than meets the eye …

review with price, trailer and game experience for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam and Xbox One

The starting point could not be more interesting: Dysis receives a letter from Evan, a genius who has been missing for many years. In that letter he says that he is on a lost and uninhabited island and that he expressly needs that girl to go in search of him. She doesn’t know why, but she will discover it as the plot progresses.

The way that Evan’s Remains tells the story is most interesting, because mixes puzzle solving with a series of dialogues, interspersed between the two without being heavy, much less boring.

There is that main objective, to find Evan. But then we will see how that supposed uninhabited island is not so uninhabited and mysterious characters emerge who will ask us what the h**l we are doing there. And to give more packaging to the matter, apart from the conversations that Dysis will have, we will also witness various flashbacks to learn more about the past of other vitally important characters. It is what will keep us in suspense until the end, without respite.

On the other hand, there is the island, of which a legend assures that it has special properties that we will discover. The funny thing is that the puzzles that make up the island are totally secondary, since if we get stuck with one we can jump it without problems, something that happened to me a couple of times. In addition, they are not puzzles of increasing difficulty, but from time to time you will hit a few spikes (for better and for worse), although this has its why.

Evan’s Remains is ideal for an afternoon

review with price, trailer and game experience for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam and Xbox One

These puzzles are platforms, seeing how the standard surfaces disappear after stepping on them and jumping again, or with others that reactivate those that have disappeared. There are more variations, of course, to complicate matters, such as one where we automatically jump, another where we teleport … or even vary the type of platform we step on. Everything is well studied.

They are also puzzles that can be seen with the naked eye, practically at a single screen, so that there are no distractions. And always with that objective of reaching the right column and jumping from there to the bottom to continue moving forward and see how the plot continues … or we run into more puzzles.

However, not exactly where Evan’s Remains stands out the most, as we dropped at the beginning. The greatest attraction lies in its history, in knowing more about Dysis and the characters with whom it will come across until the final big reveal, which will leave us checked, because it is difficult to smell the calico.

It is, after all, a mystery adventure that mixes puzzles with typical elements of visual novels, so typically Japanese. In fact, that aesthetic for their designs (markedly retro in this case, yes) is very much of that genre and is very well cared for. You can’t ask for much more due to his humble nature and how short the experience is, but at least he leaves a good impression.

SamaGame’s opinion

In short, for all those people who are attracted to a minimum of puzzle games or good mystery novels, Evan’s Remains is a very well woven experience that is refreshing for any typical summer afternoon. Sometimes it doesn’t take much more to have a good time. And also for little money.

review with price, trailer and game experience for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam and Xbox One

Evan’s Remains

Platforms Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS4 (analyzed version) and Xbox One
Multiplayer Not
Developer Matias blacksmith
Company Whitethorn Digital
Launch June 11, 2020
Price From 5.69 euros

The best

  • How much his plot hooks
  • Aesthetically it is beautiful
  • The challenge posed by a puzzle …


  • Puzzles take a back seat
  • Some extra would have been good for him