With the Bow A380 we will be on the entry-level Desktop version of the cards dedicated to our PCs by Intel. We will find the 128 EU for 1024 SP and the 4 GB of memory in 64-bit GDDR6, but the GPU frequencies will be higher. Attention, for the moment we do not have details on this point. But remains that the A380 also went under Sandra Sisoftware. So let’s quickly summarize by taking the news before.

Compared to NVIDIA, the small Arc A370M is placed just below the GTX 1650 Super which is at 2668 points. But the A380 is at 2956 points, therefore above the 1650 Super and on the heels of the 5500 XT.

Intel ARC A380: 23% faster graphics card than ARC A370M?

It’s once again APISAK on Twitter who has put their finger on interesting information regarding future graphics cards Intel ARC from Intel. Concretely, the latter announces that the Intel ARC A380 desktop graphics card could be 23% faster than its mobile counterpart : the Intel ARC A370M. Indeed, these two GPUs share the same configuration. APISAK found “GPU Processing” benchmarks on SiSoftware Sandra. The latter includes up to 4 different tests such as half-float, single-float, double and quad-float processing. In these tests, the ARC A380 desktop version is about 23% faster than the ARC A370M.

Intel ARC A380 VS A370M: the desktop VS laptop battle

But why is the mobile version slower with the same configuration? Quite simply because we are on a laptop and not on a fixed PC. More concretely, the difference will be made on consumption, in a laptop consumption must be more controlled, the GPU better cooled and all this generates constraints that we do not find on a desktop PC. In short, the frequencies are most likely revised downwards for the mobile version compared to the desktop version.

Graphics cards Intel ARC A380 and A370M are the entry-level models of the blues. These cards should feature up to 4GB of GDDR6 memory on a 64-bit memory bus. According to the leaked specifications, the DG2-128EU based models are also to use memory chips running at 14Gbps speed while the rest of the line would have faster memory running at 16Gbps. However, it could refer to the mobile variant. As long as Intel does not formalize anything, we will not be sure of anything.

Remember that Intel has yet to announce any date. But it is quite possible that the brand will start by releasing its entry-level graphics card before going upmarket and really hitting the ground with high-end cards. We still hope that this will happen slightly before the release of new generations of GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD.

Cardano sees traders not yet fleeing the scene as $1.00 still holds | Cryptocurrency

  • Cardano price continues to hover around $1.00.
  • With the RSI stagnating, the global market tailwinds could be the catalyst for an uptrend.
  • The first target is set at $1.20, holding 15% gain.

Cardano (ADA) price remains silent as neither the bulls nor the bears seem ready to give ground on their positions. With global markets taking center stage after Amazon’s earnings, this could set the stage for a bullish ripple effect, a catalyst that triggers a brief uptrend towards $1.20. At this level, the bulls will find the monthly pivot and in doing so, make 15% gains.

ADA Traders Wait for a Catalyst to Ignite the Fire of a Rally

Cardano bulls are trying to keep the situation in check, which is not easy as the markets have been choppy over the past few days. The first days of February were already more volatile than all of January. But the elements don’t add up for Cardano, where bulls and bears clash and the future direction of Cardano coins lies in the balance.

ADA traders will want to sit on their hands and wait for the high at $1.10 to be broken. This should trigger some conviction and see the bulls add more to their positions. With this move, expect price action to rise towards the monthly pivot at $1.20, where bulls will want to pause before thinking about breaking the 55-day simple moving average at $1.25. .

Cardano Reaches Another Wallet Milestone

Wallet growth is fueled by numerous updates as the ADA token soared to become the world’s sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market value.

In general, upgrades have always acted as a catalyst for ADA to rise, leading to increased interest from investors. However, as usual, the current market situation will not allow altcoins in general to grow until bitcoin does as well.

ADA Network Update

The growth of wallets is also due to the development of the network. On January 27, Cardano reached the milestone of closing 1,000 smart contracts. Subsequently, the number of smart contracts increased by another 116 between January 30 and February 1, the largest increase ever.

With the September 2021 Alonzo update, which included the addition of the ability to create smart contracts, the token’s scalability and transaction speed have improved. This also impacted the Cardano blockchain load, which remained above 90% for over a week. This is the first time the system has reached this level of blockchain load and maintained these parameters.

More recently, Meldu, a new decentralized financial protocol running on the cardano blockchain, managed to get 100 million shares of its native MELD token in just three days after launch.