Review: Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (PS4).

The culmination of the trilogy of the original visual novel series did not get to the package Zero Escape: The Nonary Gameswe received half a year ago. The creators took a different path and Zero Time Dilemma was issued independently at a very high price of PLN 189. If you don’t have a Sony handheld, is it worth investing this considerable money in a PS4 port?

Zero Time Dillema is the sequel Virtue’s Last Reward, but the action of the game takes place decades earlier. How is this possible? Here, I refer you to an outstanding predecessor. At ZTD, we learn about the fate of nine people who were kidnapped by a masked guy who called himself Zero the Second. The abductees are forced to take part in another sick game in which the lives of at least six of them are at stake.

After completing the prologue, we learn the rest of the story in a non-chronological manner. By performing various activities, we unlock successive sequences, the location of which we learn in full only after they are completed. As if that was not enough, each major decision creates a plot branching, which over time turns into a dozen or so branches – the main story and its alternative paths. The beginnings are difficult and it is not easy to get to grips with what we have just seen. However, as the game progresses, we assemble an intricately woven plot from the little-telling story puzzles, the summary of which tears out of the slippers. In addition, checking for alternative solutions is crucial to passing the game, because only in this way can we learn the information required to complete the game. For example: disarming a bomb requires the appropriate code. We find this code in an alternate reality, where some of the people present at the bomb are long dead, and the events took a completely different course. I know what that sounds like, but when you experience it yourself, you will understand what the genius of Spike Chunsoft is.

Review: Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (PS4)

Escape rooms, i.e. escape rooms very popular in our country, are a fixed point of the Zero series games. Observe the closed location from the first person perspective and by looking for the appropriate clues and items, move closer to finding the exit. The puzzles are not too complicated and although you can get stuck for some time, sooner or later we will find a solution without using online hints. If I hadn’t been playing the other versions, I probably wouldn’t have paid attention to it, but with some PS Vity experience, it was hard to get used to the PS4 controls. The Vita and 3DS touch screens and the PC mouse are replaced here by the right analog stick. Manipulating items is clunky and rotating the screen is sluggish, and while it’s not particularly bothersome, the difference is significant.

Naturally, in terms of graphics, the PS4 version does not make a greater impression than the handheld versions. The resolution is higher, and the smoothness of the game also leaves little to be desired. The problem is that very simple and empty locations sting in the eyes on the large screen. In addition, in order to save players from the sight of tear-off limbs or exploding heads, the camera switches the view to the wall, ceiling or floor at the most macabre moments. A gray, sad and empty floor.

Review: Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (PS4)

I don’t know about you, but despite all the sympathy for the genre, visual novel games on the big screen tire and put me to sleep. Portable consoles are perfect for this type of production, so I try to avoid “readings” on PS4. Zero Time Dilemma meets the needs of people with a similar approach, because all statements are not only voiced, but also animated. This is not an outstanding mastery, so the most spectacular scenes are close-ups of Mira’s abundant and boldly presented breasts. Nevertheless, this is a very good approach and I would like to play similarly constructed subsequent games in the studio.

Zero Time Dilemma it’s exactly the same game we played on Vita. There are no additions or new storylines here. Even the set of trophies is the same, which means that if you won the platinum on Vita, you will not win a trophy on the PlayStation 4. Moreover, of all the available platforms, the PS4 version is the most expensive and at the same time the weakest due to less comfortable controls and cruelly emphasizing poor detail TV screen locations. On the other hand, if you don’t have a handheld console, and what you expect from the game is a thrilling and suspenseful story, and you want to know the ending of the trilogy, then you could not have hit better … provided the price drops.

Review: Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (PS4)