Sega, Creative Assembly, and Feral Interactive have revealed that the Rhesus & Memnon faction pack, which brings two of the most famous heroes from the Iliad to the battlefields, will launch for A Total War Saga: TROY on December 14th. The price will be $9.99.

These characters – Rhesus, king of Thrace; and Memnon, King of Ethiopia – bring with them unique campaign mechanics, heroes and units with devastating techniques, and two full contingents, totaling 49 different troops.

Rhesus & Memnon faction pack arrives in Total War Saga: TROY on December 14

More details (via Sega) and the trailer for the new pack can be found below.


Reso is a fearless and dedicated commander who hails from the bountiful forests and valleys of Thrace, home to countless tribes of warriors and towering primordial gods. His troops specialize in preemptive engagements and decisive assaults. His units fight predominantly without shields. However, they can make great attacks, pierce armor and have excellent morale.

Campaign mechanics:

Countless Host: Reso must find and unite the various Thracian tribes, caught in internal wars, to unite them under a single banner. This allows you to summon mighty hosts to ravage the land of eternal enemies.
Thracian Rituals: Reso is blessed with immense religious powers and can use them to please the ancient Thracian cults. This grants various types of bonuses, such as access to elite units, reinforcements for settlements, and army perks.

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The warrior-king Memnon is a distant cousin of the princes Paris and Hector. He leads the mighty multicultural armies of Ethiopia, a vassal state of Pharaonic Egypt. It is said that Memnon’s battle prowess is comparable to that of brave Achilles, and he commands warriors who are swift and lightly armored, but who nevertheless manage to stand their ground in battle. Each culture represented in the army provides powerful strategic advantages.

Campaign mechanics:

Rhesus & Memnon faction pack arrives in Total War Saga: TROY on December 14

Horde: all Memnon wants is to devastate every inch of Achaia. Therefore, his military expedition cannot inhabit settlements. However, she can take advantage of the spoils of war to further strengthen his efforts to defend Troy.
Pharaoh’s Servant: Memnon depends on the pharaoh’s influence and wealth to bolster his armies with soldiers from distant lands. He needs to issue royal decrees to unlock units from the four regions: Ethiopia, Egypt, Canaan, and Susa.
Ingenious Strategist: Memnon does not have access to Spies, Emissaries or Priestesses in his campaigns. Instead, his prestige attracts camp followers who bolster armies or grant him special actions before battle.