Are you curious if the Star Guardian universe is related to the Dark Star? A – and Riot mentions counters to shields and heals.

Riot about the Star Guardians and their connection to the Dark Star

Are the Star Guardians somehow connected to the Dark Star? Do they exist in the same world?

We talked about this a bit in the last interview, but to clarify for those who haven’t watched it: Star Guardian and Dark Star skins are in separate universes – currently, these universes don’t overlap.

However, we’ve had discussions within the company in the past about developing a story with intertwining themes, and if there was an exciting idea to do something like that, we’d consider doing it. We don’t want to do it on a “art for art’s sake” basis, but if the idea is really great and opens up new possibilities for developing the story in an alternate universe, then why not?

Thermal Kitten, Senior Writer

Have you thought about adding counters to shields and heals?

Yes, we thought about it.

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We want to avoid a never-ending arms race situation where the damage gets so heavy that we need to buff shields, and then the shields are so strong that we need to add a shield-break mechanic, then we need to counter that mechanic, and so on. If shields are overall too strong, we’d rather nerf them or increase the damage those shields are supposed to counter.

Anyway, we have mechanics in the game like Grievous Wounds, and we recently mentioned that we might be exploring the idea of, say, an active shield break item.

Ghostcrawler, Game Design Director

Who fixes the towers on the map when the game is over?

Many people wonder what happens when the bloody battle is over and the Fields of Justice are empty. Some believe that fearless creatures can’t stand still even after a fierce battle. Every day they mine blocks of stone at the foot of Mount Targon, where the rock itself is said to be imbued with magic, and then laboriously carve them into the stone guardians of Summoner’s Rift, rushing to make it before more warriors rush into battle.

Riot about the Star Guardians and their connection to the Dark Star

Others are convinced that the statues themselves were once people who waged endless wars against each other. And now, due to a curse, they must defend the realm relentlessly from their enemies in battle every day in the name of honor.

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A handful of chosen ones who know the forbidden truth whisper among themselves that when the last warriors disappear from the map and silence falls over the land, pixels begin to suffer from loneliness and begin to multiply intensively.

Jellbug, contributing author