Riot Announces Clash, The Amateur Tournament Platform Within LoL.

Riot today revealed its biggest announcement of the year: Clash. Clash is an amateur tournament platform within League of Legends that was born to offer a competitive experience for everyone. Anyone from bronze to challenger will be able to play competitive tournaments balanced to their skill level. Players will assemble teams, sign up for cups and play not only for the experience but for the rewards.

Riot Announces Clash, The Amateur Tournament Platform Within LoL


The Clash happens by events, called Cups, with defined dates to happen. Within the Cup there are two weekend tournaments, with a 15-day difference between each one. Teams can enter the stage they want, with rewards that will be proportional to the games and keys won.

The first Cup will be Demacia-themed (all will be themed around a League of Legends region, which is reflected in the visuals of the rewards). The first tournament will be on the 25th, 26th and 27th of May, and the second on the 8th, 9th and 10th of June. Check-in is at 7pm on Fridays, and on Saturdays and Sundays at 6pm.

Riot Announces Clash, The Amateur Tournament Platform Within LoL

Tournaments start with brackets of four teams, and the winner moves to bracket of eight the next day. If he wins, he moves to the bracket of 16 on the last day of the tournament. But the coolest thing is that every day has the brackets of four teams, so your team can enter the tournament and cup any day of the week. Of course, this slows your progress (those who start on Sunday, for example, can only play in a four-team bracket, as it is the last day of the tournament), but it gives the competitive experience even for those who don’t have much time to play.

Riot Announces Clash, The Amateur Tournament Platform Within LoL

The keys are always balanced considering the team level. Whoever loses the four-team bracket plays a repechage and has the chance to continue in the tournament.

Team and requirements

There are some requirements to participate in the Clash. The main ones are: having a link in any of the ranked queues (solo/duo or ranked flex); be at least honor two and do SMS verification. This is a new tool that Riot created to try to prevent smurf accounts from logging into Clash: after SMS verification, your account is associated with that mobile number for six months. To play tournament with other accounts, the player will have to do SMS verification with another number.

Riot Announces Clash, The Amateur Tournament Platform Within LoL

To encourage commitment, each player on the team must purchase a ticket to participate in the tournament. It can be purchased either for blue essence (900) or for RP (215). Some missions will also give you Clash tickets. The ticket is valid as long as you are winning – if you lose, you will have to buy another ticket to participate the next day. There’s also the option to buy five tickets at once, called a premium ticket, and you get more rewards when you’re playing with it.

The teams are always assembled before the tournament registration, with only five players (substitutions are possible occasionally for brackets of 8 and 16. It is not possible to replace in the first match of the tournament), and there is no restriction of link between them, but they weigh for team tier definition.

Riot Announces Clash, The Amateur Tournament Platform Within LoL

Teams will be divided into four tiers, with tier I being the highest and tier IV the lowest, where bronze, silver and gold players will be. Initially, the team tier will be defined by the players’ tier, but over time, with the consolidation of Clash, the tier of teams will be independent of that of normal ranked queues.


Clash matches have some differences to traditional matches. First in preparation: before the match, statistics of the opponent are shown. Teams will have seven minutes to assess the data and build their own strategy.

Riot Announces Clash, The Amateur Tournament Platform Within LoL

As was to be expected, picks and bans happen in the same way as in professional competition. And, to collaborate with the strategy, all champions are released, regardless of whether the player has the character or not. You just can’t see it as a chance to try out a new champion – the idea is that it’s used tactically.

The biggest news is inside the Summoner’s Rift. Clash matches will have a time limit: 70 minutes. At 60 minutes, structures will take more damage, and at 65 minutes, they will start taking damage by themselves, in fixed speed and order (lane towers, inhibitors, nexus and nexus towers). This is to prevent matches from getting too long and a team having to wait too long for the opponent in the next match.

Riot Announces Clash, The Amateur Tournament Platform Within LoL


Of course, competitive experience is the biggest reward, but Riot has prepared some in-game items to reward winning teams.

The first of these is the trophy, as is expected of any competition. You get trophies for winning, and they are different for four teams, eight or 16 bracket wins. The trophy (always the best you got in the tournament) appears in your base of every game in Summoner’s Rift for two weeks.

Riot Announces Clash, The Amateur Tournament Platform Within LoL

Each victory also gives you points. High level teams and premium ticket players earn more points than others. These points accumulate over the period of the Cup, and in certain amounts can be redeemed for Clash-exclusive rewards such as Clash logos and flags that appear during your Summoner’s Rift matches.

Another reward is the traditional loot (capsules), always with bonus XP, Clash logo and other loot (blue, orange essences, skin fragments).

Registration for the Demacia Cup begins soon, and Riot is offering a free ticket to anyone who wants to participate. And you, what did you think of the news? Are you ready to participate in the Demacia Cup? Comment below.