In connection with the corona pandemic, there are also various apps from Germany that are intended to help with containment and other questions. The focus is on smart and convenient communication with the population. Now the RKI actually has the next app for Android and iOS, which is directly related to the global issue. But I can well imagine that the criticism in some circles will be particularly loud again – although this app is also voluntary.

Users can and should take part in studies

Corona Health wants to collect data to learn more about the effects of the pandemic. The app primarily asks four questions in order to get a more accurate picture of society in times of crisis:

  • What are the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on our health?
  • What mental stress is the virus pandemic causing in adults and children?
  • What are the effects on our physical health?
  • How do the burdens differ in different regions and countries?

This app gives access to scientific surveys. According to the description, it should be possible to understand from the collected data how we can better survive this crisis situation. The creators of the app promise anonymization of the collected data and the exclusively scientific use of the information.

Three studies are available at launch:

  • Child and adolescent mental health (12-17 years)
  • Adult Mental Health (18+)
  • Adult physical health (18+)

Corona Health Price: Free