ROCCAT, the German manufacturer of computer peripherals and game developer, reaches for the stars with a new proposal from ROCCAT Studios – ELEVATOR … TO THE MOON! This is the second title presented by ROCCAT developers and at the same time the first game that will use virtual reality technology


This is an adventure puzzle game that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the world of VR. The plot of the game takes the player to a secret, underground research facility. The task of the main character of the game is to help build an elevator to the moon, a project of the crazy and shouting President of the World – Doug Slater-Roccmeier. The player can follow the boss’s orders shouted over the intercom and fix the elevator, or ignore him completely and explore the game world himself. The available time can be spent destroying the station’s equipment, hacking the digital brain of the mysterious artificial intelligence or, for example, eating space cookies. ELEVATOR…TO THE MOON! will offer players multiple ways to complete the game and several alternative and surprising endings. In addition, a special system of achievements is to encourage users to complete the title multiple times and create so-called achievements. run speed.

The new ROCCAT Studios title was created with the internal support of ROCCAT Founder and CEO René Korte and help from Oculus VR. German developers used the world of virtual reality offered by the Californian giant of the technology industry and made a product based on the “build or destroy” idea.

– We have created a demo model ELEVATOR…TO THE MOON! and introduced it to the Oculus VR team. They thought it was a great idea and provided us with the support we needed to complete the full version of the game,” comments Marc Barnes, one of the ROCCAT Studios employees and the originator of the game. “Together with Hannah, our 3D artist, and Carsten, the developer, we created a quirky yet unique virtual reality game. Oculus has given us tremendous support and given us a lot of creative freedom. Thanks to this, we were able to show creativity and deliver an original and interesting product – adds Marc.

ELEVATOR…TO THE MOON Official Show! will take place at this year’s Gamescom in Cologne. The game will go on sale in October 2017. During the premiere, the title will be available to owners of two devices using VR technology: Samsung Gear VR and Oculus VR.

For more information, check out the official ELEVATOR website… TO THE MOON!