Rocket League (Switch) – game review.

Portable Rocket League. Sounds like something impossible? Not for Panic Button, the team responsible for the Switch version of the great network hit, whose popularity has not decreased despite the passage of years. Does the game run on a Nintendo hybrid? Absolutely, although it was not without a few compromises.

Rocket League (Switch) – game review

If someone had told me a year ago that I would be able to sit on the train and play Rocket League either with my travel companion or with someone online, I would probably knock my forehead. Today, I’m glad I didn’t do it on this and on many other occasions, not believing in the Switch, because I would have knocked a hole right through the skull. Rocket League for the Nintendo console is a fact and although Panic Button had to work hard to make it happen, I have to admit that they did a solid job and they were very pleased with this port.

Rocket League …

I have the impression that I will write the obvious now, but for the sake of peace of mind I have to assume that there is someone here who has never played in Rocket League. Those who know what it is like, I invite you to the next section, and the rest in the meantime … Imagine an ordinary football that is played in teams of up to four. Instead of a regular football, there is a large, usually round and heavy beach ball, and instead of footballers – rocket-powered cars. The gates are quite large, the stadium is closed on all sides, the vehicles are fast, they can ride on walls and jump, rocket propulsion, apart from considerable acceleration, makes it possible to fly, and all shots, feints and passes can come literally from every side. Welcome to Rocket League, a game that is fabulously simple to understand, but insanely hard to master. And devilishly addictive.

Rocket League (Switch) – game review

Rocket League has always been focused primarily on network battles and it is no different in the Switch version. We will continue to focus primarily on ranked and unranked matches, in which we will take part in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 matches. hit the basket, play hockey or even hit someone with a puff or freeze the ball in the chaotic Rumble mode. Of course, if someone wants to play offline or locally, no problem! Rocket League offers an extensive season mode in which we climb the ranks of the ranking in several weeks of games with bots, a quick game with the computer or friends on one console, and even if we want, we can try to create a unique match by modifying many of its parameters, including . ball size and shape, boost strength, gravity, and more.

For participation in the competition, whether local, singles or network, we win prizes, and this is a new cap, a new paint for the car, different rings, the color of the boost or an antenna pendant. We can also win the modern terror of the game world, i.e. unfortunate boxes that we can only open for (of course, additionally paid) keys. Luckily for players, add-ons in Rocket League are purely cosmetic, so if you don’t want to, you may not play with the boxes at all. Well, the game even allows you to turn off the visibility of the boxes, so if someone wishes not to see this cancer with their eyes, they can do so.

Rocket League (Switch) – game review

And flickering strength …

Hope to briefly explain what Rocket League is like, so it’s time for the most important thing, that’s what you came here for. How does this creation work on the Switch, on a console much weaker than PS4 or Xbox One? How does its content compare to other versions? By answering the second question first, I happily report that Flick Rocket League in terms of content is identical with a version for larger consoles. Well, it even contains a bit more, because it has unique cars and decorations modeled on the Nintendo brands – Super Mario and Metroid. When you buy Rocket League for Switch, you will get a 100% full-fledged product that you can enjoy wherever you are. All the extra cars you can buy from the Nintendo Store are here, all modes, unlockable items, music, thrills, fantastic entertainment and the One More Match Syndrome. We even invite friends to play together, which is not so obvious on the Big N console. Rocket League on Switch also has one big advantage over the PlayStation 4 version, namely the more developed cross-platform online. Where a Sony player can only play with PC players, and of course PS4 owners, Switch can play simultaneously with Xbox One and PC users. Fantastic!

Unfortunately, however, Panic Button to move the game 1: 1 from other equipment had to make one compromise, which may turn out to be an insurmountable barrier for many. Rocket League on Switch looks simply ugly. At times like playing with PlayStation 2 and even worse. Anti-aliasing is an alien concept here, dynamic resolution in portable mode can drop to sometimes dramatic levels (in motion it looks better than on static screens), but all this has been done to ensure comfortable gameplay at a constant 60 frames per second. They managed to do it almost one hundred percent, because sometimes in portable mode, the game can have a slight crunch. At the console in the dock, I did not notice any drops in liquidity. It is also worth mentioning that on TV Rocket League hula in 720p. Well, these are not high results even for Switch, but the developers promised to continue working on optimizing the title. Psyonix is ​​known to care about the quality of their product, so far a few patches have been released that actually seem to improve performance slightly, so I’m confident about the future of the portable Rocket League.

Rocket League (Switch) – game review

She delivered a great game

Graphics aside, Rocket League is another fantastic entry in Switch’s ever-growing library. This is the next title that fits perfectly with the idea of ​​the Nintendo console, i.e. hybrid. On X1 / PS4 you have to turn on the console, wait a while for it to start, sit on the couch, start the game, well, you know what this process looks like, and we are also chained to the TV / monitor. Snap? And here you go, it turns on immediately, if we don’t have the game turned on, it will start twice and we can sit comfortably where we like and let ourselves be absorbed in the game to play one match. Or two. Well, three at most. On the couch, on the TV, on the bus, tram, train, in bed or on the toilet. Alone or with someone, because the title also offers playing on a single joy-con, so we always have the option to play with the person next to it. Sure, we lose the ability to manually change the camera then, but with this normal for fun gameplay it doesn’t really matter.