• Rogue Company appears on consoles with the launch of Xbox Series X and S
  • The game runs in 4K at 120fps on Xbox Series X.
  • The Xbox Series S reaches 1440p and 120fps

Hi-Rez Studios bring their free-to-play team shooter Rogue Company to launch on Xbox Series X and S.

It will be available on the two new next-gen consoles from November 10, 2020 and will support crossplay and cross-save with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

According to the developer studio, the game runs on the Xbox Series X in native 4K resolution with 120fps, on the Series S it is 1440p and 120fps.

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The game has already got a brand new character with “Fixer”. This is an American sniper who brings new weapons and skills with him.

“When the elites have a delicate problem that needs a discreet solution, there is a man who can make them a first-class offer,” it says. “The sniper known to those in the know as ‘Fixer’ solves problems in its own way … if the price is right.”

The latest update also brings with it the Ranking Beta, a first version of the ranking system for Rogue Company.

To be able to compete in the ranking, you must have reached at least level 30. You can then move up to level 30 by gaining experience that you get from winning ranked matches. But be careful, you can lose experience through defeat.

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As part of the beta, you will receive a reward if you have played 30 ranked matches and have reached rank 30, playing in the “Destruction” game mode.

Hi-Rez uses a new matchmaking system for the ranking beta and players can line up in groups of any size in the ranking queue. In addition, ranked matches grant 10 percent more mastery experience.

Read more details on the game’s website.

Source : Twitter Feeds