On PC, tactical shooters are not uncommon, but on consoles, they are virtually non-existent. Transfer attempts there Counter Strike stopped even on the latest generation of devices, Valuing in no hurry to connect, Insurgency: Sandstorm also accesses new platforms at a snail pace … Jeux First Watch, divisions Hi-Rez Studiosapparently noticed this, so we started the team action Rogue company… Its first version was released simultaneously on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch and not only supports cross-platform multiplayer, but also cross-progression.

No terrorists

There are currently two modes available in the game. The main one is called “Destruction” and is familiar to anyone who has seen at least one game of this genre – two teams of four appear at different ends of the map, and one of them is to plant a bomb and the other is trying to prevent that from happening. Or the bomb can be ignored and the entire enemy squad can simply be destroyed – in which case the round will also be won. After six rounds played, the teams are exchanged and the group with seven wins wins.

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Although the idea is not new, the differences Rogue company games like it hit immediately. First, this is a third-person action game, not the first – as a result, the shootout approach here is completely different from any other. Valuing… In the novelty, the advantage is not for the one who sees the player crawling out of the shelter, but for the one who is hiding – while sitting behind a box or waiting just around the corner. the street, his potential victim has no idea that he is in danger.

Whether you want to play by such rules is a matter of taste. Once in a room that seems completely empty, running towards the very center is stupid – maybe someone just hopes so. Therefore, you run cautiously from shelter to shelter, take a roll if necessary, and constantly rotate the camera in order to notice someone in the next hallway in time. It is advisable not to stray too far from your comrades – after a fatal injury, the character crawls on his knees for several seconds and can be saved.

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Participants jump out of the plane and leave a trail behind – you can see where the enemies are heading. If they don’t cheat and run the other way.

Another feature is associated with the store at the start of each round. IN CS and Valuing we are used to buying only weapons, armor and auxiliary items like grenades. Here, weapons can be upgraded during the match, and in addition to grenades, melee weapons are available (which rarely turns out to be useful, but still) and several passive perks – accelerated reload, notification when the enemy gives you look, reduction of the delay during regeneration, possibility of reviving partners more quickly… Money is given for everything: planting a bomb, killing, helping to kill, reviving allies, etc. But this money, of course, will not be enough for everything.

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With the weapons, things are not as simple as in other shooters, because here the weapons are linked to certain characters. Each has their own pistols, machine guns, grenades, mines, and perks – you can’t throw something more useful to your favorite sniper than their starting pistol. Participants are determined with the characters at the start of the match and in the middle (when changing sides), and you cannot bring two identical people on the team. Otherwise, guys like Saint, who has a drone that revives an ally anywhere on the map, would be too strong.

The doctor can also defend himself.

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It’s its active ability, which takes time to recover from its use, and everyone has it. Trench sets up a barbed wire fence that slows down enemies. The ghost throws a smoke grenade, revealing enemies in the area. Dima pulls out a grenade launcher that fires cluster shells, Dallas briefly revealing the nearest enemy. Someone is carrying a smoke grenade and an infantry mine, and someone has an incendiary grenade and EMP. Obviously, the tactics for each hero are different – the medic should especially value his life, and the sniper is useless in close range shootouts.

Time bomb

About this feature Rogue company end – it remains only to see if it’s fun to play. In short – yes, the action isn’t the most remarkable or the most innovative, but the gameplay is addicting. Unfortunately, in the first version there are issues with the servers (they regularly shutdown for prevention), and the more players buy early access, the more often someone leaves matches prematurely. There is no punishment for the livers yet, and the opportunity to surrender will only appear later, so be prepared for the fact that battles will periodically take place between unequal teams.

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There is enough content for today. In addition to the main mode, there is “Strike” – point defense with a limited number of retakes immediately after death. Either hold the point until the end, or exhaust your opponents’ supply of “lives” – and so on for up to three winning rounds. It’s more “laid back” than “Destruction”, but also fun entertainment, which every once in a while you want to rock after a few games with a bomb.

Rogue Company game review

A bomb planted by enemies, like in other similar games, must be disarmed.

There are seven cards in the deck (which is more than enough to start with) and there are ten characters. If you buy the cheapest edition, access will only be open to two heroes, and owners of expensive versions will unlock six agents at a time. For the rest, you will have to complete tasks and save money, although for those who want to get everything and at the same time, there is an opportunity to “donate” and open everyone. However, you shouldn’t be doing this – there are enough rookie heroes (even the ones given for the regular edition).

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It’s too early to talk about microtransactions, as there is nothing to buy besides the characters. Appearance settings for agents include costumes, weapon skins, dances, graffiti, and other cosmetic items – I highly doubt they’ll start selling anything that affects gameplay here. Later, a battle pass will be added to the game, and special decorations will be given for victories and reaching certain levels by different agents. There will also be a new map and a new character – judging by Hitwhere there are already more than a hundred playable gods, Hi-Rez Studios can add heroes to their games endlessly.

Cross play and cross progress deserve special mention. Getting together in groups from different platforms is convenient. After you’ve linked all the accounts, you choose the main one, and it doesn’t matter which platform you spend your time on – the progress is the same everywhere. It’s not the first game with such capabilities, but one can’t help but be happy that more and more new products support it from the start. This might be one of the reasons why Rogue company will be able to succeed.

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Hurt enemies can be used as bait – suddenly someone decides to help them.


On PC Rogue company it is unlikely to be successful – it has too many analogues. On the other hand, the fan base Hit and Paladins can go partially if you’ve been waiting for a tactical action game from your favorite developers for a long time. On consoles (especially on Switch, where there are no such games at all) it will surely be a hit: the character design is excellent, there are already a lot of maps and the gameplay is fascinating – afterwards the next match you immediately start the next one, as this is done with an on-screen button with the results of the battle.

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So far the project is in the paid “beta” stage, but in the Russian region the price of a regular edition is ridiculous even on consoles – only 289 rubles on PS4. If this genre is interesting, it’s definitely worth the risk. Or wait for the official launch – the game will be distributed on a shareware model.

Source : The Verge