Epic Games Store returns to the load another week with its usual promotion every Thursday, which means that we have a new opportunity free download a new video game and add it to our library.

The chosen one this time has been RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Complete Edition, which also coincides that today it is officially on sale. Therefore, if it was among your plans to get hold of it, you will not need to pay a single penny to start build the amusement park of your dreams.

In this complete simulator you will have at your disposal countless tools to decorate the attractions to your liking, with more than 300 roller coasters and different attractions, more than 500 elements to decorate them and much more thanks to the expansions “Soaked!” and “Wild!”

  the “gimbal” stabilization that promises to be 300 times more efficient than the current one reaches the mid and high range

To join it to your collection you just have to click on the following link and will become yours forever. You will have time until October 1, at which time Pikuniku will become the new game that you can get for free.