We continue with a title set in a dungeon in which physics and pinball go hand in hand (once again, as in this Apple Arcade review). Roundguard is a platform game in which your character has to defeat dangerously cute monsters that will make it difficult for you to land at the end of the dungeon. With a bit of luck you will be able to land in a good way to keep sliding over and over again until you finish off your enemies and end the level. Can you handle a new challenge?

Roundguard, fun and unexpected things combined with a dungeon environment

I have to comment that it is a simple game, both in its weight (less than 100 MB) and in the game dynamics. There are 3 characters, the Warrior, the Indomitable and the Sorceress. Each one of them has different abilities and their ways of being will surprise you. They also have unique health, attack, and mana properties. The experience is one of the most intuitive I’ve seen, although that’s where the simplicity lies. You will achieve the highest score by hitting the largest number of pots, in addition to defeating the enemies. You will have a health bar that will decrease every time you hit an enemy, but don’t worry, you will have health potions within your reach at each level.

Each level is uncertain, that is, none is similar and it is completely random. The game in my opinion is entertaining because only, understanding the basic operation of the game, you will have to create a new strategy to overcome the level. The arrangement of vessels, enemies and potions is different.

The game environment

Roundguard can go as much as a simple mobile game to one that will blow your mind. I repeat, it is a platform game in which physics is heavily involved. Do not despair of so much bounce as it will be the only way to ensure the highest score.

You have a projectile that will throw your character down. The priority will always be to kill the enemies, although if you find a physical strategy that allows you to kill them in the shortest possible time you won’t have any problems.

You will have a saving cushion at the bottom, if you manage to fall on it you can continue playing without sacrificing a percentage of health. If, on the contrary, you fall outside, you can continue playing but your health will be diminished. Remember that you will have health potions to recover and continue at the same level in case the enemies are still alive.

There are magic potions, which will also help you have more action on enemies. Each character has different magic, from 360 degree spins, double jumps and lightning bolts. Choose your character based on his magic, although it is best to explore each of the 3 characters. If your character dies, the level restarts and you will have a special instrument that will help you improve your performance. The more gold you collect, you can have more valuable instruments.

It seems to me that the ideal is to play this game on the iPhone or iPad, on the Mac or on an Apple TV it is not so enjoyable. It is very addictive at the beginning if the intuition accompanies you at the time of shooting the character in the dungeon.

In conclusion, Roundguard can sneak into our devices for a while

Whenever I’m looking for a new title for Apple Arcade reviews on SamaGame, the goal is to have a game that can be around for a while on your device. In this case, Roundguard is a light game that could be on our iPhone or iPad.

It may lack a story like other previous titles we’ve seen here, but the fact that it combines dungeon crawler aesthetics, physics, and pinball mode makes it interesting to explore. The option of having different characters with magic does not make it boring, on the contrary, you can play as many times and discover what they are capable of.

Download QR-Code ‎Roundguard Developer: Wonderbelly Games Price: Exclusive to Arcade

At the graphics level, they are very attractive to me, it is not the latest generation game either, but if it has been among the most popular consoles, that indicates that it deserves a space within our devices. Do you dare to try it? We hope this review has been to your liking. Every Friday a new review on SamaGame.