I’ve been writing for over a decade now. Even longer. But rarely have I felt my fingers fall so heavily on the keys as now. This is the last piece of text I ever write for our beloved SamaGame. This is my goodbye.

Sometime in 2013, on a day that must have been sunny, I started my internship at Power Unlimited in Haarlem. It sounds cliché, because every editor and trainee at PU says this, but it was my dream job. As a young man I dreamed of working at Power Unlimited, because then you could play games and you got money for it. That was of course very short-sighted, because in addition to gaming, you also had to work. To continue the clichés; work doesn’t feel like work, when it is great fun and that’s how my internship time flew by.

At the end of that period, my internship supervisor asked Ward if I didn’t want to continue freelancing, and I’ve been more than grateful to him for the opportunity for five years. He has been walking a different path for a while, but that does not mean that he deserves a big shout-out from the undersigned! Ultimately, I am very grateful to all my colleagues and former colleagues. I know, everyone is now a former colleague, but that is just too real for now …

In those five years I have been able to do and make all kinds of really cool things. That’s how I experienced the twentieth anniversary of the Power Unlimited. In fact, in the relevant issue of the magazine, with all those old covers on it, there is a touch of Roy van Dijk. I scanned about 25% of those covers myself! Intern life … In addition, as an intern I was already allowed to work with Ed Poweroni himself for the hardware special advertising thing that came with it and I vaguely remember that Ed had changed one of my texts to make it a ‘ from your mother. joke ‘to pop in. So is Ed. and so is Power Unlimited; a little rude, but above all honest and fond of ‘your mother jokes.’

In those five years I have attended a number of parties of which Friends of PU Live are easily in my top five parties of all time. It was super cool to see you in person and to play games of Smash Bros together. Just to be fair, that I was a kind of famous Dutchman for a night, was also very nice. In addition, I was able to do some small trips, attended many meetings, made Let’s Plays, played Mario Kart and Smash Bros with you at Nintendo headquarters and a real YO! POST! may record. These are all highlights of not only my career at Power Unlimited, but a few of those moments have also been highlights in my life. I also thank all my colleagues and (former) ‘bosses for this.’

After these five years, I unfortunately have to break up with something that I still love very much, but we have grown apart. I now have a busy grown-up job and a number of personal projects that I would like to realize. In addition, I just want to play a few hours and if I add up all the time I want or have to spend on it, I will run out of time. I still love Power Unlimited and SamaGame very much, but unfortunately I can no longer honor this relationship with the little time I have left. I really think that is a shame, but so be it.

I wish the entire editorial staff all the best. Wouter in particular, because that man carries the brand as Atlas on his shoulders and anyone who claims otherwise has no idea what he is talking about. Good luck and see you someday!

For the very last time: THANK YOU FOR READING !!! DAAAAAAAG !!!