Wargaming, the publisher and developer of the leading naval MMO World of Warships, doesn’t just bring bubbles in the latest update. Coinciding with April 1st, Trouble in the Pool returns to the game along with lots of rubber duckies, nine Pan American cruisers will also arrive in Early Access ports, along with a special campaign where players can earn up to $20 to celebrate two years of World of Warships on the Epic Games Store.

Duck alarm in the hot tub

Trouble in the pool is here, and with it comes six rubber duckies for the captains to choose their favorite! Among them are two cruisers, two destroyers and two battleships. But these rubber duckies are no ordinary bathers – they’re armed with squishy mines that explode on contact with enemy ducklings. To spice things up, each class has a different weapon, from high-explosive and armor-piercing drops to spurting torpedoes. Players take on the role of special duck commanders ready to take on an opposing fleet in a seven vs. seven mode. The mode is playable from March 23rd to April 20th.

Also, World of Warships is collaborating with Placid Plastic Duck Simulator on a joint DLC pack available on Steam from March 23rd to April 14th.

Nine new Pan American cruisers in Early Access

On March 31, nine Tier II-X Pan-American cruisers will enter Early Access – the first branch of research for this faction with AP shells that fire projectiles at an improved ricochet angle, combat directives available from Tier VI and consumable cooldowns accelerate. These consumables include the “Repair Party” and from Tier VI onwards “Specialized Repair Teams” and from Tier VIII onwards the “Surveillance Radar. Because these ships have weaker armor, they have good camouflage for a stealthy ranged attack and are best suited for medium to long range engagements.

Almost all of these ships are available through random and sequential bundles, with Tier VIII cruiser Ignacio Allende waiting at the end of the Enhanced Battle Pass. Both Ignacio Allende and Tier IX Santander also have their own permanent camouflages, namely Mayan Mystery and Muisca Gold.

A free DLC featuring the Tier II premium cruiser Almirante Abreu is also available to all players on Steam until April 13th.

An epic anniversary on the high seas

World of Warships turns two on the Epic Games Store! To celebrate, starting March 23rd, new Epic Games Store players can go on an unprecedented Achievement Hunt to get up to $20 in their PayPal account. During the four-week event, the captains must complete three different achievements ranging from winning battles to capturing enemy bases. In addition, there are juicy discounts on DLCs as well as the Starter Pack: Ishizuchi DLC and a mission marathon with a special Epic camouflage, patch and background.

This update also brings a number of bug fixes, upgrades, and balance changes across the game. The full patch notes are available on the website.