Rumor | New Battlefield may be called Battlefield 2042.

New rumors about 2021 Battlefield

Rumors and leaks about the next game battlefield popped up quite a bit in the last few days and weeks, and before the official announcement on June 9, another leak popped up online.

The leak, via Reddit, states that the new game will be called Battlefield 2042. Previous leaks have suggested that the game takes place in a near-future scenario, which has been confirmed by leaked screenshots. Supposedly, an open beta for the game will also be released later this month.

Rumor |  New Battlefield may be called Battlefield 2042

Meanwhile, the leak also talks about a new “professional” mechanic, which will see an expert with unique abilities assigned to each team of players. Accessories can be fitted one at a time and swapped, while vehicles such as ATVs can also be recalled. Dynamic weather events are also mentioned.

The maps are supposed to be bigger to support more players, with 64 vs 64 modes mentioned as well. Meanwhile, the leak also mentions new mechanics, such as a claw hook, a wingsuit, and the ability to deploy and use ziplines.

Rumor |  New Battlefield may be called Battlefield 2042

Interestingly, the leak also claims that the game’s multiplayer will not support cross-play or cross-gen, although EA has confirmed that the shooter will also be released for PS4 and Xbox One.

These are all unconfirmed details for the time being. With the official reveal of the game coming soon, we’ll find out soon.

Rumor |  New Battlefield may be called Battlefield 2042

New Battlefield to be Unveiled on June 9th

Battlefield is undeniably one of the biggest franchises in the gaming industry. The FPS saga built by DICE has been going through turbulent times. The most recent title in the franchise, Battlefield V, has had a mixed reception. Now, DICE carries with it the tough mission of putting the franchise back where it used to be. As a result, the development team decided to release the release date for the next Battlefield chapter.

The announcement, made through the game’s Twitter profile, indicates the date and time that we will get to know a little about the new game. Mark your calendar: June 9th, at 11:00 am Brasília time. Certainly this new project has been the target of several rumors. The most alarming of them claims that the game will not feature the traditional campaign. While the source of the rumor has some credibility, I particularly highly doubt that DICE made this decision.

Rumor |  New Battlefield may be called Battlefield 2042

Historically, gamers often criticize games of the genre that choose to abandon the campaign. A good example to use in this regard is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The game’s reception was quite negative due to this attitude. As usual, we’ll do full coverage of the reveal right here on the website!

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