Subsequent reports suggest that Batman will not fight alone in the new game.

The new Batman game has been thrilling since the mysterious teasers of WB Games Montreal appeared. However, after almost a year, we still don’t have an official confirmation of the game’s existence, let alone any information about it. The only consolation is the various leaks, such as KC Walsh’s Twitter post. The editor-in-chief of Geeks WorldWide shared information obtained from the person who was to work on the new Batman at the beginning of production. Among them there is a mention that the creators planned the possibility of playing not only with Batman, but also with other members of the “bat-family”.

If you have followed the rumors closely so far, you may remember that similar reports already appeared in October. However, KC Walsh added another curiosity. Coming Batman is supposed to borrow the Nemesis system known from Middle-earth: Shadow of Warbut with some modifications. There will be many different factions in the game, including the Gotham Police Force, and this is where the mechanics known from Talion’s adventures are based.

As a reminder – the Nemesis system created more personalized opponents, the story of which unfolded during the game. In the game under the Lord of the Rings license, it took the form of orcs fighting for a position in Sauron’s army, as well as interacting with the player’s character. These meetings and random events (betrayals, ambushes, duels etc.) translated into the reputation of enemies, but also influenced their appearance and characteristics. In Shadow of War, this mechanism was significantly expanded in relation to the Shadow of Mordor, by introducing, among others, relations between the orcs themselves and their greater diversity.

The Nemesis system was one of the highlights of the Talion games. (Screen source: TearofGrace).

Of course, the mechanics would have to work a bit differently in the new Batman, but there is a lot of potential here. It’s no secret that Gotham City’s services are not crystal clear, and there are also different people among the criminals of the city. The ability to look for allies and make enemies among members of all factions who would also compete with each other is definitely in line with the chaos for which the metropolis is famous. Nevertheless, these are still only rumors, and these should never be trusted, even if they come from a reliable source. Therefore, as always, we recommend that you be careful with the above information. The same is true for leaks on the August show of the new Batman game.

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