According to the reports of the production chains, the A new and “dramatically faster” model of the Apple TV will be put into production by early 2016.

Rumors imply that the Apple TV 5 or fifth generation will arrive in the first quarter of 2016

Apple this October launched the new 4th generation Apple TV, after 3 long years of being stuck with the 3rd generation model and its obsolete hardware. But now according to Digitimes, a technology news newspaper in Taiwan and China, Apple decided to speed up the pace of Apple TV hardware iterations.

The Chinese newspaper report indicates that, Apple is making preparations to start testing the new Apple TV 5 or 5th generation in early 2016.which will have significantly faster internal features that will allow “dramatically improve the performance of the hardware” and “add new functions”.

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Due to the vagueness of the Digitimes’ information regarding exactly what “new features” the new Apple TV 5 might offer, along with the usual warnings about the newspaper’s record of irregular issues, it creates some skepticism to the news. As Digitimes implies, the new model will be released after six months from the debut of the current generation of the devicewhich could cause the discontent of all those who bought the Apple TV 4th generation, but it would not be the first time that Apple does something like this (remember the distance of 6 months between the iPad 3 and iPad 4).

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Even so, it is still unlikely that the new model will arrive so soon; in general, let’s take the report as an indicator that there will be a new model of some sort by 2016. Since the highly rumored streaming channel service for Apple TV is expected in 2016, perhaps Apple is thinking of releasing some new product at the same time. This would allow the company to drop the price of the 4th-gen set-top box a bit, perhaps hitting the $99 magic point again, alongside a $20-$30 or so offer for the streaming TV service.

It is also worth remembering that the 4th generation model of Apple TV was postponed several times before it was finally released in October, after various reports suggested that the product would be released in June at Apple’s WWDC (World Developers Conference). , following the company’s usual annual update cycle. Whether the new device will be released by the dates indicated in the report or held until the fall, will obviously be in the hands of the company’s own plans.

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Finally, the Digitimes report comments that the new model will be put to the test before the end of this monthwith mass production of it planned for the first quarter of 2016. Although this seems unlikely, if we go by what the report says, Apple could launch the new Apple TV 5 by March/April 2016within the time range of the spring media event.