PUBG Mobile today received the 1.2 update bringing new content, with emphasis on otherworldly runes that will give players special powers. There’s also news for Metro Royale, Season 17 of the Royale Pass, and a new version of the FAMAS Assault Rifle, with 5.56mm ammo and reduced recoil.

All details can be seen in the press release below. PUBG Mobile can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.

São Paulo, January 12, 2021 – Mystical powers come to PUBG MOBILE via the new 1.2 update. Starting today, the Erangel map is receiving special otherworldly runes that will grant players special powers. Also available is a new version of the FAMAS Assault Rifle, with 5.56mm ammo and reduced recoil.

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In this new rune-themed mode, players will be able to experience an unprecedented version of Erangel, where they will be able to choose one of three energy runes. After selecting one of them, a summoning skill and an attribute improvement skill are enabled, which can be consumed to provide a strategic advantage on the battlefield.

All runes can be obtained again through map loots. Runes can also be tested in PUBG MOBILE’s Fun Space, where players complete specific daily quests to earn rewards.

The skill runes added to PUBG MOBILE are:

  • Fire Rune – Summons a circle of fire that slowly advances, inflicting damage on nearby opponents. The upgrade skill provides a burn effect to ammo for a short period of time.
  • ice rune – In addition to the upgrade skill that adds the freezing effect to ammo, reducing the effectiveness of healing opponents, the player can summon a 3×3 cell wall of ice for protection during combat.
  • wind rune – Summons a semi-transparent wind shield that reduces bullet damage. Its upgrade skill increases the player’s movement speed and reduces their ammo reload time for a short period of time.
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In addition to the new features of classic mode, the collaboration between PUBG MOBILE and first-person shooter Metro Exodus is even more intense with the arrival of a new chapter. In the new chapter of Metro Royale: Honor, players will be able to obtain honor points by defeating enemies and collecting their items; both will increase the player’s honor level. Accumulated honor points unlock special voice packs, outfits, and other permanent rewards.

Royale Pass Season 17 is set to hit PUBG MOBILE next Tuesday, the 19th. Themed with Runic Power, Season 17 features updated Royale Pass missions, Activity Pack events, and a variety of cosmetic items such as the Blade Mortal and the majestic Armored Guardian Set.

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A new game mode, a variant of the popular EvoGround, arrives on February 5th, bringing tech-enhanced Super Armor and Events to Livik’s map.