RuneScape: 18 years later.

Although she knows that time flies, Alie could hardly believe that it has been almost 18 years since RuneScape came out. Our editor therefore thought it was high time to see what Jagex has changed / added to the MMORPG.

It has now been exactly 17 years, 11 months and 30 days since RuneScape was released on PC. A lot has changed in these 17 years, 11 months and 30 days. So it’s high time to take a look at what’s new in the MMORPG.

RuneScape: 18 years later

All versions of RuneScape

A lot can change in 18 years. Probably a lot of you weren’t even born 18 years ago. It will therefore not surprise you that today’s RuneScape looks very different from the version that came out in 2001. However, it is not the case that the old (er) version of the game can no longer be played. That’s how it works:

As RuneScape continued to grow, developer Jagex decided to rewrite the game engine. This new version was made available in 2004 under the name RuneScape 2. The original version of the game was renamed RuneScape Classic from then on. In 2013 the next big development followed: RuneScape 3. For all those people who did not want to know about this newfangled state, Jagex also created Old School RuneScape. This version of the game uses the gamestate from August 2007. You can also play Old School RuneScape on mobile devices. An Android and iOS version of RuneScape 3 is still in progress.

RuneScape: 18 years later

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to keep the game in its original state. RuneScape Classic had become so haggard and polluted that Jagex could no longer guarantee the digital security of its players. The version also had a number of game breaking bugs, which made the game increasingly unplayable and could no longer be repaired with the current tools. The developer therefore decided to take the Classic servers offline in the summer of 2018.

RuneScape members

RuneScape has more than 200 million accounts, making it the world’s largest and most updated F2P MMO. The game doesn’t really have a linear story. After a tutorial, players set their own goals, such as fighting NPCs, completing quests and playing mini games. RuneScape has 27 skills, 17 of which are available for free-to-play players. The 10 remaining skills are available exclusively to members.

RuneScape: 18 years later

You can play RuneScape for free, but you can also close a subscription. In addition to the 10 skills mentioned above, a membership also gives you more than 180 extra quests and almost 49 mini games. You also get a customizable house. Jagex also speaks of a three times larger game world in the perks.

The Premier Club is an extension of a membership, with which you can close a membership for a longer period of time. With Bronze, Silver and Gold you buy a sub for RuneScape for three, six and 12 months respectively. These bundles in turn also contain all kinds of extras, such as an outfit and an Artifact.

RuneScape: 18 years later

In 2012, RuneScape was awarded the Squeal of Fortune, which allowed items to be won daily by turning a wheel. With real money, people could buy extra spins. In other words, the MMO received microtransactions. In the same year, Solomon’s General Store followed, in which cosmetic items could be purchased. The Squeal of Fortune has since been replaced by Treasure Hunter. The player receives keys to open a chest. Players who are members of the aforementioned Premier Club receive multiple keys daily.

Switching between the RuneScape of the past and the present

Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3; the folks at Jagex seem to want to keep all players happy after a number of previous upsets. Take the option to switch between the old and new combat style, for example. In short, the combat in the MMO works with a rock-paper-scissors system, where one combat style is stronger than the other, but weaker than the third. With the Evolution of Combat, Jagex wanted to rebalance this triangle. Rather than simply replacing the old combat, the developer opted for an in-game option called Legacy Mode. With this you can also switch back to the combat as it was in 2012.

In fact, Old School RuneScape is completely based on the will of the community. Before an update is performed by Jagex, more than three-quarters of the players have to vote “yes” in some sort of voting booth. If this 75 percent of the votes is not met, the update will be deleted or adjusted in such a way that the community can agree.

RuneScape: 18 years later

The fact that Old School RuneScape came about at all is also thanks to the community. The MMO has had two really big decision moments so far. In 2010, a referendum was held to determine whether free trade and PvP could return to its old form. And in 2013, the community was asked if there was a need for a separate version of the game, or Old School RuneScape.

My current experience in RuneScape

Let me go straight to the point: I have never played RuneScape very actively. I’d rather stick to World of Warcraft. At first glance I found RuneScape very spartan. However, I always listened with admiration to the stories of others. I then looked at RuneScape as if it were something in a cabinet of curiosities: fascinating, but a bit weird.

Over the years I have of course tried to play RuneScape a few times. It couldn’t happen to me that as an avid MMO player I wouldn’t have played a game adored by millions of players. That was beyond my honor! In good spirits I sat down for it year after year after year, but still I dropped out every time.

RuneScape: 18 years later

This time, too, I have a lot of trouble understanding RuneScape really well. The dozens of tips and tricks that I find on Google cannot help me with that either. However, it does explain why RuneScape 3 appeals to me much more than Old School RuneScape. In a very last attempt, I even put the latter on my mobile to play on the go. However, I think I’m missing a nostalgic look …

17 years, 11 months and 30 days later

Fortunately, RuneScape 3 does appeal to me now. I am the first to admit that I don’t always know exactly what I’m doing. But since Jagex doesn’t seem to be thinking about quitting for a long time, I have plenty of time to really get to know the game. In 10 years, I will be part of the old guard who wants nothing more than to play Old School RuneScape part II!

Do you play RuneScape? And if so, for how long? Do you prefer RuneScape 3 or Old School RuneScape? Or would you like to try the game again? Let us know this and more in the comments!

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