This year’s Galaxy S20 line from Samsung has grown in relation to the previous year with another model – S20 Ultra. Unfortunately, the Korean manufacturer was tempted this year, like most manufacturers, to significantly increase the prices of its smartphones. However, many are also waiting for a refresh of the Note series.

The beginning of 2020 will be remembered by many people thanks to the high prices of smartphones. Currently, the price exceeding PLN 4,000 does not impress too much, and we will even find proposals reaching the price of up to PLN 6,000. One of these is the S20 series from Samsung, which, apart from the price, also met with other reports. The copies sold in Poland work under the control of the Exynos 990 processor – we can buy versions with Snapdragon 865 only in South Korea, the United States and China. Despite the huge dose of power, the latest flagships achieve lower benchmark results than their “Snapdragon” competitors, and the Exynos 990’s energy efficiency is not at a high level.

For those who want even higher performance than the S20 Ultra, the Korean manufacturer is preparing an answer. Samsung will show the second series of its flagships – Galaxy Note20 later this year. The “stylus” flagships are known for their enormous efficiency, and their working speed is to satisfy the most demanding users. The premiere of the Note20 is to take place in August, and their important feature is to be … the new Exynos 992 processor. The Korean manufacturer wants to get rid of any allegations of lower results than the Snapdragon 865 – for this reason the new system is to be made in the 6 nm process. The manufacturer will also work on energy efficiency, and as a result, it will overtake the results of Qualcomm’s competition.

I remember the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ test very warmly, it was an ultra-efficient smartphone, refined in every aspect. The whole was closed in a beautiful housing, and the hidden stylus added unique functions to the smartphone. The new flagship, which is the S20 Ultra, has become quite controversial due to its price and quite specific design. However, it cannot be accused of low performance – it is a real “multimedia harvester” that will meet the needs of the vast majority of users. Criticism based on benchmark results is slightly exaggerated, but Koreans have decided to listen to the voice of the people.

There are a few months left until the premiere of the Galaxy Note20 series. Currently, supporters of the Samsung brand will undoubtedly like the performance of the Galaxy S20 series.