Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold – see what to expect from the new Knights of the Zodiac anime.

I recently watched the first five episodes of “Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold“, the new anime of our beloved franchise Knights of the Zodiac🇧🇷 I waited this long precisely to check out more episodes at once, to have a better opinion of what we can expect from this series, which you can check out below. The text contains spoilers of the first five episodes.

For those who don’t know,soul of gold” (SoG) was released in April 2015 and has biweekly episodesreleased on streaming services Daisuki and Crunchyroll (so far, five have been released, the sixth premieres on 06/19). The plot is focused on Gold Saintsespecially Aioria de Leão, and takes place DURING the saga of Hades, right after the golden 12 sacrificed their lives to destroy the Wailing Wall, to help Seiya and the others to enter the Elysian Fields. The anime has a confirmed season with 13 episodes.

Aioria and his divine gold armor

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold – see what to expect from the new Knights of the Zodiac anime

Many old fans of the series were left with a bitter taste in the mouth after the launch of the mediocre “Saint Seiya: Omega” and “Knights of the Zodiac: Legend of the Sanctuary“, the latter shown in theaters last year. These two productions were clearly made to please a new generation of fans, but SoG follows the opposite path, by presenting a narrative strongly tied to the sagas. Asgard and hadestrying their best to get as close as possible to classic animation from the 80s. Old fans will thank you!

Aldebaran and Dohko drink booze and fight together

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold – see what to expect from the new Knights of the Zodiac anime

And already in the first episode “Relive, Golden Legend!“, we see that Toei has not bothered at all to give explanations, make presentations or show a minimum of context. Countless references are played in the first few minutes and only those who have followed the series since its inception will be able to understand all of them, which is excellent, by the way. Here we separate the true fans from the posers that have emerged recently.

Odin and the Yggdrasil

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold – see what to expect from the new Knights of the Zodiac anime

Thus, we follow from the beginning a Aioria waking up in Asgard, wondering why he isn’t dead and who brought him back. It is played into the narrative that the Norse god Odin may be involved in the reappearance of the Golden Knights, but the episode remains shrouded in mystery and few answers.

The heart beats faster when old references like Hilda of Polaris and your sister freya, ignored in the manga and little explored in the following sagas in animation, appear on the screen. Hilda has a mysterious illness, so a new ruler for Asgard emerges.

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold – see what to expect from the new Knights of the Zodiac anime

Hilda is bad

The anime also explores Norse mythology better, such as the colossal tree Yggdrasil and the Einherjar (dead warriors of Odin), little used in the classic saga. A positive point for the new production, which was not limited to what has already been shown, but was concerned with expand this universe of Asgard (very rich by the way) within CDZ.

Thus, in the five episodes, we see the reappearance of other golden ones, such as Mu from Aries, Dohko from Libra (with a different personality from the original, who was more serious and now is more mocking and relaxed), Aldebaran from Taurus (withstanding trolls from the master of Shiryu ), Death Mask (which is being further explored here, although it is bizarre to see a bad guy like him in love with a girl, but who is clearly on a path of redemption), Aphrodite spreading her beauty (and also better used), between others.

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold – see what to expect from the new Knights of the Zodiac anime

Cancer and Pisces have their good moments (although considered by the enemies as the weakest golden ones)

Certainly the best episode to date is the third, “Golden Knight against Golden Knight“, because as the title already reveals, we have a confrontation between the golden ones, fights that are always very appreciated by the fans (how can we forget that fight between Shaka versus Saga, Kamus and Shura in Hades?). The episode is very well structured, showing a Aquarius Camus helping an old friend, surturwho is now a God Warrior (an interesting hook with the golden “traitor” and Asgard past), against Scorpio Milo, who is itching to beat the out of the God Warriors. Also highlighted in the episode for the bullshit between the Death mask and Aioriawho don’t actually duel but create an intense atmosphere (and with a spectacular Cancer tirade at the end).

Camus and Milo star in the best episode so far

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold – see what to expect from the new Knights of the Zodiac anime

about the new ones god warriors and your leader Andreasthe antagonists of the series, are well below expectations, especially when compared to hilda and his minions, who were very well explored in the classic saga. The new rivals are devoid of any charisma, if only because their personalities have been little explored so far. His fights and blows are weak and without any emotion. The only ones that stood out the most so far were surtura friend of Camus (and with fire powers) who had part of his past revealed and who takes a joke on his colleague frodi, God warrior who “fled” from Aioria who wore divine gold armor. That rivalry between villains it already existed in the Asgard saga and it’s cool to see that they rescued it in this new series. The other God Warrior that has potential is sigmundquoted as Siegfried’s brother from classic animation and who harbors a great hatred for Athena’s knights.

the God Warrior Sigmund uses a sword, just like Alberich in the Asgard saga

Already the boss Andreas it hasn’t been very well explored yet and is shrouded in mystery. Who is he? Where did it come from? What are his plans? He is adored by the people of Asgard, for appearing to be a kind and gentle man, but indications have already been shown that he has ulterior motives for them. In addition, it is worth noting his remarkable resemblance to Shun when controlled by Hades (Is Andreas another victim of the lord of hell?).

Andreas, the leader of the seven new God Warriors

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold – see what to expect from the new Knights of the Zodiac anime

Generally speaking, SoG has a roadmap of ups and downs, and the high points are exactly the references to the past, which arouse the nostalgia of any old fan. Unpublished elements were also added, some very interesting, such as Camus’s old friendship with a God Warrior, better exploration of characters like Death Mask and Aphrodite (ignored by their creator in the original, but who do not reach the feet of Manigoldo and Albafica from Lost Canvas in this new version, just to point out) or the existence of an embittered brother of Siegfried, Hilda’s most powerful knight.

the mysterious Lyfia, who accompanies Aioria

However, other new points leave something to be desired, such as the boring melodrama from Aioria and Shura’s past, shown in the fifth episode, uninspired antagonists (a Norse God Warrior called “Hercules”, really?) and mainly, in my opinion, SoG’s biggest weakness: a low quality animation, which despite making an effort to maintain the features of the classic design, did not dare to bet on something more modern, especially during combat. Undoubtedly the clashes of the Gold Saints are the most beautiful to be watched, unfortunately in SoG we probably have the weakest animations ever seen in CDZ, everything being very static and without creativity when showing new styles for the golden ones, which is evident in the combat between Milo and Camus in the third episode.

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold – see what to expect from the new Knights of the Zodiac anime

marketers make the party

Although I’m not a big fan of this story Divine Gold Armor (clearly a marketing ploy to sell new dolls), they created a consistent story for their appearance, which should bear fruit in the future, if not used exhaustively, as has been done so far (am I the only one who thinks these godly armors are ugly as hell? ).

In terms of script, SoG it has great potential, especially in respecting classic references and chronologies of the Asgard saga, which will delight old fans. On the other hand, it loses some of its shine with weak animations that could be the most spectacular ever seen in CDZ to date. Remembering that this is just MY opinion, from a long time CDZ fan, which many can agree or disagree with (but without losing elegance, please).

leave your comment and let us know what you think of SoG and what your expectations are for future episodes. And wait for our analysis of the sixth episode on the 19th! Until then!

Check out the opening of the anime with the song Soldier Dream