One of the most used browsers on Android outside of Google Chrome has seen two of the improved options that have more demand in these kind of improved apps: confidentiality and be able to customize them in detail. In this way, the Samsung browser provides the blocking of unwanted web pages as well as more options to customize the navigation bar to your liking.

Chrome is generally the most used browser on Android, although this has something to do with Google installs it on most devices. Although it offers the ability to download other browsers, Chrome is generally a regular; and that there are options as comprehensive as the Samsung browser, suitable for most Android devices. And the company gave it a boost with its latest update, which is now downloadable: it’s now much more complete.

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Samsung browser now blocks unwanted pages

This will have happened to you more than once when you were browsing your mobile (and your desktop): you will come back to the previous page and, instead of opening the one you had saved in the history, the browser opens a new one that you did not request, usually to sell you something or encourage you to subscribe. Well: Samsung has decided to end this practice.

With the latest version of Samsung’s Android browser, which corresponds to number, the app has included a new activator in its privacy and security settings: ‘Block unwanted web pages“. When enabling this blocker, the browser will not load websites that open during saving that are not what you requested. It’s a novelty that seems small and ends with a significant improvement in navigation.

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Samsung Browser Personalization Settings

The other option of the app is in the appearance settings. There you can customize the navigation menu, those buttons that allow you to switch more easily between pages on the Internet. You can include the download access button, saved pages button, privacy options activator, or add-ons access: just swipe up the icon from bottom to top. You can even change the order of the default navigation buttons: with this you will customize the menu located in the navigation bar, in the three horizontal bars.

Samsung’s new browser is already expanding in mobile stores, both through Google Play and the Galaxy Store. What do you want already? You can download the update from APK Mirror.

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