The new Galaxy Watch 3 from Samsung will be available on August 5, and some of the new functions are already available in the official apps.

In a few days, Samsung will launch its next Tizen-powered smartwatch, the regular Galaxy Watch entering its second generation. But because there was a lot of time between the two generations, the new watch is called the Galaxy Watch 3. So don’t be surprised, there was no predecessor called the Galaxy Watch 2, just a Galaxy Watch Active 2. In any case, the watch is almost there, an official Samsung The app already reveals various functions.

New gestures for telephony

For example, Samsung introduces new gestures. To answer an incoming call, just squeeze and open your hand. Shaking your arm, on the other hand, can ignore an incoming call. There is a loudspeaker in the Galaxy Watch 3, so you can make calls directly via the watch without a headset.

Also new is the gesture for creating screenshots, in future you simply press both outer buttons at the same time. These are the gestures discovered so far, but there could be a few more.

Samsung watch detects falls

An extended innovation is the fall detection, it can save our lives in case of doubt. The watch can automatically detect when its wearer has fallen or fallen. It rings and tries to get a response from the user for a minute. If there is no answer, a call for help can be made automatically, for which you have previously stored emergency contacts.

Last but not least, the XDA colleagues were able to discover the watch faces available ex works. Some of these virtual clock faces use wallpapers that Samsung will only introduce with the upcoming Galaxy Note 20.

As mentioned, Samsung will launch the new Galaxy Watch 3 on August 5th and shortly thereafter. Some details have long been known, there have also been reports on the expected prices of the smartwatch.