When I was on a hiking tour in the USA for several months now, seven years ago, I was actually accompanied by one of the first outdoor tablets from Samsung (you can read about my experiences on mobiFlip). Samsung still remains true to the “Galaxy Tab Active” series and is apparently currently preparing for the market launch of the latest offshoot, since the last edition was a little longer ago. Actually, it should have been presented next to the last, quite remarkable Xcover smartphone, why nothing came of it is not known.

Samsung has finally introduced a modern indestructible smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro has now been spotted at the FCC, following in the footsteps of the Galaxy Tab Active 3 that was launched two years ago. There doesn’t seem to be a non-Pro variant, but the Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro comes as a 5G and Wi-Fi version.

While some information about the technical data has already been leaked, unfortunately I can’t share any specific details on the size with you yet. Based on the predecessor, the Tab Active 4 Pro should again come with an 8-inch display diagonal, although there is also a device called the Tab Active Pro that comes with 10.1 inches. Alleged photos that are supposed to show the Tab Active 4 Pro point to the latter.

After three years, Samsung is finally launching a new 8-inch active tablet for outdoor use

New tablet Android 12L

According to current rumors, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G is a slightly older chip under the hood, which should be completely sufficient for everyday use and even some games. The memory equipment is unclear, although I would expect at least 64, more likely 128 GB of flash memory (expandable via microSD) and 6 GB of RAM. Fortunately, Android 12L is used as the operating system, with Samsung’s in-house One UI interface on top. Input is not only possible with fingers, but also with a stylus, and physical buttons for the home button could even be built into the case.

Samsung will soon be using Android 12L

Battery charges slowly

Particularly important for devices that are intended for use in the fresh air: Independence from a socket. Unfortunately, the size of the battery is not yet known – but the 25 watt charging power is anything but up-to-date. Unfortunately, tablets still seem to be lagging behind smartphones, although higher speeds would come into their own here.

After the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro has passed the FCC station, it can only be a few weeks before it is officially presented. Then the last details of the equipment will be clarified.