Android is so customizable that it allows frequent combinations such as installing a launcher on the layer that covers the operating system itself. For example, about the Samsung OneUI that the Korean manufacturer has been developing for several generations. However, some combinations lose functions along the way, although Samsung just put an end to one of them.

Specifically, we talked about the impossibility of using Android 10 gestures, transparent to the presence of OneUI, which could not be used when we installed a third-party launcher. The latest version of Samsung OneUI, 2.5, already solves this and He is already beginning to tour some phones of the Korean firm.

Newest first, then others

As we say, version 2.5 of OneUI is the one that allows, finally, use full-screen navigation gestures even if we have a third-party launcher installed. Nova Launcher and company will be able to coexist with the gestures of the operating system without limitations, unless we decide to deactivate them to keep the navigation buttons of the operating system.

Samsung would have already promised this functionality within its proprietary layer back in March, and the arrival of an update to OneUI 2.5 makes it officially fulfilled. Now, several phones of the brand are already beginning to support the new navigation option in the system with third-party launchers, although, as expected, it comes first to the most powerful phones of the firm.

The update starts with the most recent models of the brand

The first phones to activate this feature in OneUI 2.5 are the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Slowly but surely, the update will continue to come to other models of the Korean catalog until it is present in all compatible and upgradeable ones.