It’s unanimous: Apple is the favorite brand of celebrities. While this does not prevent them from rejecting offers as an image, other companies offer products in the same category. So, and the long list of artists who have already been captured advertising a mobile phone from another brand via your iPhoneNow the famous stars of Korean K-pop group BTS are joining.

But this time, the origin of the group makes the shift really striking. A few hours earlier Samsung-sponsored South Korean boy group BTS recently gained attention after they tweeted a photo from an iPhone. Although the post was deleted, tweets posted online showed that the deleted post was accompanied by the source “Twitter for iPhone”.

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IPhone of Discord

After the original post, the tweet was deleted from the account and replaced with a new post which changed the font to “Twitter for Android” meaning the tweet came from an Android phone, not an iPhone . . The new tweet collected 710.3,000 retweets and 1.8 million likes on Twitter.

Despite the correction, the damage was already done and as it happens on the Internet, The “unfiltered” comments were immediate. One of the thousands of Internet users spoke bluntly in the comments section of the available tweet: “Originally they tweeted from an iPhone, deleted it, then tweeted from an Android because they are sponsored by Samsung. So they’re supposed to use Samsung, not iPhone, but they’re rebellious. ”

Earlier, one of the members of the Korean group had declared its allegiance to Apple, notably through the AirPods, of which he had already had 33 pairs. However, this anecdote did not prevent the group from obtaining the official sponsorship of the company created in the same country, in February of this year.

According to Samsung, the partnership was intended to support the contemporary BTS global initiative called CONNECT BTS, and will also allow Samsung to connect with a younger demographic that makes up a large part of the BTS fan base. Or at least I was hoping, because the example of the stars is usually what fans emulate and for now the group seems more attached to the devices of the bitten apple.

Source: Techradar