A new foldable Samsung mobile has hit the market, the new Samsung W21 5G. Although at first glance it looks like a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, the truth is that it is something different. First it has a larger size, an exclusive color and a much higher price. Let’s see what it brings.

The phone has a noticeably different exterior design compared to the standard Galaxy Z Fold 2. It is also 50% more expensive even though it appears to have the same internals. This price increase has more to do with its new size, the gold edition (although only the color) and its sales exclusivity.

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The extras of the Samsung W21 5G

The new Samsung W21 5G is an edition of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 designed exclusively for China. That is why we will probably never see it leave the Asian country unless we buy it there. These are its specifications:

Samsung W21 5G
Dimensions and weight